Saturday, September 17, 2016

When Nothing Feels Right, Take A Nap

I was having one of those days earlier...a day to honestly say, "I've had better days." So I took some advice that Abraham Hicks doles out in so many of their videos. I took a nap.

I feel into a pretty deep sleep (last night's sleep wasn't the greatest) and when I abruptly woke up, the first thought that came into my head was, "You have three more good friends in your life now then at this time last year." I have no idea where this thought came from or even if it was my own voice saying it in my head but I realized immediately that it was correct. (And it wasn't that I had been lamenting about not having anyone or anything in my life, but there it was.) I do indeed have three more good friends in my life then I did at this time last year...friends that I hang out with (as a matter of fact, I'm seeing two of them tonight) and that I can email and say what's on my mind at any time, and they're always supportive and non-judgmental. So, I gave appreciation...and then opened up my laptop to jot down this post. 

There's a reason why the AH teachings speak often about naps. It's one of the most fool-proof ways to stop negative thinking and emotions in their tracks, especially before the momentum picks up and snowballs, making you feel worse. When you're sleeping, or even if you're lying quietly and meditating, you've stopped any negative thoughts looping around in your head. Taking a nap is like having a brain fart -- albeit one that clears out all of the bad stuff. When you wake up, you have a clean slate again and you can stop yourself from feeling negative emotions and going down the wrong path. 

This is also why a lot of what I've been reading stresses the importance of getting off to a good start every morning when you wake up. Actually, a lot of lessons include starting at night right before you go to sleep -- being appreciate for anything good that happened during the day and anything that went right. Then it continues with being appreciative when you wake up. 

I realize that not everyone can nap during the average workweek (and I'm typing this on a weekend day) but maybe once in a while when you come home from work, if it's possible to take a 30 minute long or less nap or can even just meditate and clear your mind, I highly recommend it. Perhaps if our American society somehow allowed siestas during the work week, our world may be a less stressful place with a lot more happy people in it. 

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