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Can You Attract A Celebrity Using the LOA?

A lot of the law of attraction books and teachings I've read tell us that "there is no limit" on what we can attract, and to "think big." So, I guess it should come as no surprise that a common question I've seen posted on a particular forum I like to visit is, "Can I attract my favorite celebrity?"

I will admit the question popped into my own head at some point -- I have my celebrity crushes, too. But the answer to this question is a little complicated. Technically, you could attract a celebrity, but that person has to be a matching vibration to what you're putting out there into the universe. And you may not necessarily attract a romantic relationship with them, but you may end up attracting them following you back on social media. 

You really cannot focus on a specific person and attract them into your life unless the both of you have matching vibrations. This is true whether they're famous or not. 

But what you can do is admire the person for the qualities you believe they possess, and vibrate how good they feel to you to the universe. And if you can detach yourself from the actual celebrity being the manifestation, you'll most likely attract a person into your life that shares the same qualities they have. 

At the risk of embarrassing myself, right now I have a "new" celebrity crush (I put new in quotes because this person is dead.) Most people that know me know I love Christoph Waltz -- and he's definitely still special to me for my own reasons -- but I also love some retro guys, since my other blog is all about the retro. 

My celebrity crush is an actor named Martin Milner. He's most famous for two big television roles in the 1960s and early '70s -- first in Route 66 as half of a duo that traveled across the U.S. in one long road trip, often helping people. The second was playing the kind hearted Officer Pete Malloy in the police drama Adam-12

Milner passed away last year at the age of 83, but back in his heyday he projected a clean cut, wholesome, all-American guy image in most of the characters he portrayed. But off-screen, the pleasant surprise is that he was the same way in real life. He was married to the same spouse up until his death and had four children with her. There's never been a single scandal linked to his name, which is really unusual for Hollywood and even more so considering he began his career as a child actor. No drugs, drinking, or any other addictions. Also, the stories from costars and fans alike is that he was a great guy -- one of the few good guys in his industry. He always considered himself a working actor; not a movie star. He eventually retired from acting and focused on his family and fishing. Basically, I view him as the guy that any woman would be happy to introduce to her parents. 

And yes, he was tall, blonde, and handsome:

(I know he looks very serious in these photos, but there's plenty more of him online smiling.)

By now you're probably scoffing at me and thinking, "But Pam, don't tell me you think you're going to attract someone like him! Yeah, right! Single, available guys like that are like finding a needle in a haystack -- good luck with that!" 

But here's the thing...I believe, at least, the possibility is there. There could be a man out there somewhere that has all of his qualities I'm admiring that's eligible when I meet him and has chemistry and mutual attraction with me. Does he have to look exactly like Martin Milner for me to be happy? No. But I do like the overall appearance -- short hair, clean shaven, and devoid of tattoos. I still say that physical characteristics are part of being specific when manifesting a soulmate. I love his qualities and that his image was sincere. I love that he was best friends with his wife (but obviously, I would have to meet someone with his qualities who's available/eligible so he can make ME his best friend.) 

In fact, there's an Abraham Hicks video posted to YouTube that talks about this. If you can look at a person and pick out the qualities you most admire and focus on how that feels, the universe is going to start showing you people that have these qualities. 

Also, if I hadn't learned all of this LOA stuff a few years ago, I'd be inclined to agree with the naysayers and say they're right. But ever since I started watching Milner's work and fantasizing about him a bit, a funny thing has been happening. I've been starting to see (naturally) blonde, handsome guys more and more now. In fact, there was a waiter at the restaurant in Newburyport that my Meetup group and I ate at today that was tall, blonde, handsome, and had no tattoos. He wasn't our server (sadly!) and he was significantly younger than me, but I couldn't take my eyes off of him. There was also a young man in a Facebook connection's photo that reminded me a lot of Milner. Again, young -- and he was obviously spoken for -- but the law of attraction is a funny thing once you start focusing on something and then forget about it and live in the moment. 

Could this be a sign that there's a guy out there that reminds me of MM? Well, it's fun to fantasize no matter the outcome, so why not milk it and see what manifests? To be continued...


  1. Back in the 90's during my teenage days of angst, I was obsessed with Marilyn Manson, lol. This was long before I knew anything about the Law of Attraction. I had just moved to New York City and I didn't know how or when, but I was determined to meet him and so I focused intently on this for around 2 months. I started to dream of him every night, and I spent my summer days day dreaming of the day that we met and how it would be. Low and behold, the day before I met him, I told my friend we were going to the East Village to go "Spooky kid" hunting and that I knew that tomorrow would be the day.

    We went to the Village and walked down Astor place and into a few shops. We walked into the store where I imagined he would be, Trash and Vaudeville, and he was not there. I hung my head low, so sure that he was going to be there. I told my friend "let's go" and she said, "just a few more minutes, I am looking at the capes."

    Just then, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a tall, slender man with boots on and black vinyl pants. I looked up higher and saw that indeed, it was Marilyn Manson, sans makeup. I grabbed my friend, squeezed her arms as hard as I could and then I went over to him and introduced myself and gave him a gigantic hug. I got his autograph, thanked him for being my inspiration and then proceeded to go outside, jump up and down and squeal like a little baby. To me, it was a true testament that I was onto something, some kind of "magic" that I had thought was impossible. I only did this because I had no other means to meet him besides sheer will.

    While my love for Marilyn Manson waned over the following years, that experience has been the greatest lesson in my life thus far; that with a lot of guided focus, anything you dream of must come into being!

    1. Thank you for sharing -- that's a really awesome story. I've heard similar ones from other people that intended to meet their celebrity crush, and they did. I really think it all comes down to deciding to have faith and letting the universe take over from there and lead you in the right direction.


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