Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Manifested An Early Dismissal From Jury Duty

Jury duty. Not that many people enjoy finding out that they've been picked for it, and I am no exception. That's because it seems I've been chosen for it way too many times in my life, although to be fair the last time I received a notice was at least a decade ago. Not long after I started my job this year I got a summons in the mail, with May 19th as the date to appear. I thought about postponing it (you get up to a year) but my intuition told me no; go ahead and keep the date. As it turned out, there's a lot to be said for listening to that little guiding voice inside you.

I actually "did the Secret" yesterday that I wouldn't even have to show up. They give you a number to call after 3 PM, and I can remember one time when I called and found out I didn't have to go. But this time I did, as did all jurors that were summoned. So off I went this morning, to a city next to my town that has a bit of a rough reputation. Luckily the courthouse was really easy to find, and there were still spaces in the parking garage. 

I was in a really small pool of jurors; I'd say there were barely any more than 12, the number needed to sit on a jury. After being led to the juror holding room and shown a corny DVD on how important it is to serve on a jury, the judge came in. She introduced herself and said there were two cases being heard this morning that may go to trial. Normally the courthouse we were in is one of the top ten busiest courthouses in the state, but today was a quieter day. That was a good sign, but I'm sure everyone there assumed they'd be chosen for at least one of the trials. 

One of the books I brought with me to occupy the time was a law of attraction book I haven't finished yet: "Deliberate Receiving" by Melody Fletcher. Maybe it helped me, because there was one paragraph I read about living in the "now" and appreciating the "now." So as I looked around the room, I actually did begin to appreciate that the courthouse we were in seemed fairly new, modern, and clean. There were two restrooms in the back of the room, and tons of magazines for people that didn't bring anything to amuse themselves with other than their mobile phones. 

But the other thing I did is what I've been doing all along that keeps bringing about manifestations: I felt for a moment what it would feel like to find out that we could leave for the day. I didn't make a big deal about it, and I completely let go of the outcome. I figured whatever would happen would be for the best, and I knew I wouldn't be upset if I did have to sit on a trial, but I put it out there just the same and then forgot about it. 

An hour after she first introduced herself, the judge came in again and announced that both cases ended with plea bargains. We could go. She thanked us for being there today. It was 10:30 AM (so we only waited for two hours.) Everyone expressed vocalizations of surprise and relief. On the way out the door, one of the security guards that had screened all of us declared, "Wow! Are you guys lucky! See you -- maybe -- in three years!"

The rest of today also went extremely well -- I probably could have gone to the office had I really wanted to, but it was a gorgeous spring day and the company was paying for this day off. I wanted to savor the gorgeous day. I went for an hour long walk around the neighborhood after lunch, noticing details about people's houses and yards that I can't see when I'm running, riding my bike, or driving. There's nothing like springtime in New England -- the lilacs and lily of the valley are blooming right now, and the temperatures are perfect. It was sunny out this afternoon with just a few puffy clouds in the deep blue sky. 

People were walking their dogs and being friendly. Contractors were working on houses. Landscapers were mowing lawns. My body felt so good. My legs felt strong and flexible, my hips felt fluid, and I didn't get any knee pain like I sometimes do after walking for a long stretch of time. In fact, I felt like I could have done the Walk for Hunger today.  

I felt -- and still feel -- really good today. I felt like my old self, the woman from a year ago that was happy and appreciating everything, before the whole "S" situation messed up my head for a while. I feel ready to attract someone even better and more suitable (eligible) for me. 

I'm also finding ways to appreciate the "now" and the benefits of being single until I meet someone again. I'll write about this in the next post. 

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