Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Past Is Past; Don't Let It Dictate Your Future

Hi PP blog readers...this morning I made another video blog post in my car, but I actually think I'm going to hold off on posting it for now or I may re-record it since I feel like I rambled for a little too long at the end. Instead, I wanted to tell you a bit about some of the principles I was reminded of in a nice little e-book that I purchased and read this afternoon, How To Get Your Ex Back in 25 Days, by Veronica Isles. 

I know what you're thinking: what ex? Why did I buy this book? Well, I discovered Veronica's YouTube channel just before Christmas after one of her videos was recommended to me in the sidebar. And as it turns out, I really feel that her books (she has another one, by the way, called The 25 Day Challenge which is a companion book to the first one I mentioned and yes, I purchased and read that one, too) are applicable to any LOA desire, not necessarily wanting to get an ex back. (I've actually been reading it from the standpoint of attracting a new relationship.)

For example, the whole underlying theme of the book is letting go of the past. Letting go of the arguments you had with an ex, letting go of the thoughts that tend to marinate in our minds long after something has happened. "But he did this to me" or "she said that to me." Veronica reminds us that no matter what happened, no matter how nasty a breakup (or anything negative that happened in the past to us), that we have the power to change things all around. Our moment of power is always in the present moment. Ruminating on anything that happened to us or thinking about how we were victimized is going to keep the feelings of "I'm a victim" percolating and increase the chances of it happening again in the future. So we have the power to create a new, better relationship (or job, etc.) -- not the old situation that hurt us in the first place. 

The other theme of Veronica's two books is the importance of being happy now. Acting "as if." Finding things to be joyous about and at peace every day. Treating yourself well -- eating healthy, getting enough sleep, savoring a special dessert once in a while, etc. Her companion book has a list of several activities one can do during each of the 25 days -- whether it's morning, afternoon, or night -- to feel good and keep your vibration high. She also talks about letting go, trusting the universe, and believing in divine timing when receiving your desire. 

To be honest, I think she could have combined both books into one and there's really nothing new in them compared to the videos on her YouTube channel. But both books are the kick in the butt that I needed some days. I've written on here several times about the importance of letting go of the past, but I don't always practice what I preach. It's very easy to get upset again about things that happened in the past and question why things panned out the way they did. 

Reading these books and listening to Veronica's videos, I feel like any lingering sadness, resentment, anger, etc. has been dissolved. For good. Moving on and moving forward...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Two Manifestation Success Stories

Happy New Year, everyone! The first video and blog post of 2017 is up -- in it I thought I'd share two manifestation success stories that recently happened to me. These came fairly quickly and easily and I explain why this happens with certain things that we ask for vs. things that seem to take a long time to come to fruition. May we all enjoy speedy manifestations in the coming year ahead!

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