Saturday, May 28, 2016

Can You Attract A Celebrity Using the LOA?

A lot of the law of attraction books and teachings I've read tell us that "there is no limit" on what we can attract, and to "think big." So, I guess it should come as no surprise that a common question I've seen posted on a particular forum I like to visit is, "Can I attract my favorite celebrity?"

I will admit the question popped into my own head at some point -- I have my celebrity crushes, too. But the answer to this question is a little complicated. Technically, you could attract a celebrity, but that person has to be a matching vibration to what you're putting out there into the universe. And you may not necessarily attract a romantic relationship with them, but you may end up attracting them following you back on social media. 

You really cannot focus on a specific person and attract them into your life unless the both of you have matching vibrations. This is true whether they're famous or not. 

But what you can do is admire the person for the qualities you believe they possess, and vibrate how good they feel to you to the universe. And if you can detach yourself from the actual celebrity being the manifestation, you'll most likely attract a person into your life that shares the same qualities they have. 

At the risk of embarrassing myself, right now I have a "new" celebrity crush (I put new in quotes because this person is dead.) Most people that know me know I love Christoph Waltz -- and he's definitely still special to me for my own reasons -- but I also love some retro guys, since my other blog is all about the retro. 

My celebrity crush is an actor named Martin Milner. He's most famous for two big television roles in the 1960s and early '70s -- first in Route 66 as half of a duo that traveled across the U.S. in one long road trip, often helping people. The second was playing the kind hearted Officer Pete Malloy in the police drama Adam-12

Milner passed away last year at the age of 83, but back in his heyday he projected a clean cut, wholesome, all-American guy image in most of the characters he portrayed. But off-screen, the pleasant surprise is that he was the same way in real life. He was married to the same spouse up until his death and had four children with her. There's never been a single scandal linked to his name, which is really unusual for Hollywood and even more so considering he began his career as a child actor. No drugs, drinking, or any other addictions. Also, the stories from costars and fans alike is that he was a great guy -- one of the few good guys in his industry. He always considered himself a working actor; not a movie star. He eventually retired from acting and focused on his family and fishing. Basically, I view him as the guy that any woman would be happy to introduce to her parents. 

And yes, he was tall, blonde, and handsome:

(I know he looks very serious in these photos, but there's plenty more of him online smiling.)

By now you're probably scoffing at me and thinking, "But Pam, don't tell me you think you're going to attract someone like him! Yeah, right! Single, available guys like that are like finding a needle in a haystack -- good luck with that!" 

But here's the thing...I believe, at least, the possibility is there. There could be a man out there somewhere that has all of his qualities I'm admiring that's eligible when I meet him and has chemistry and mutual attraction with me. Does he have to look exactly like Martin Milner for me to be happy? No. But I do like the overall appearance -- short hair, clean shaven, and devoid of tattoos. I still say that physical characteristics are part of being specific when manifesting a soulmate. I love his qualities and that his image was sincere. I love that he was best friends with his wife (but obviously, I would have to meet someone with his qualities who's available/eligible so he can make ME his best friend.) 

In fact, there's an Abraham Hicks video posted to YouTube that talks about this. If you can look at a person and pick out the qualities you most admire and focus on how that feels, the universe is going to start showing you people that have these qualities. 

Also, if I hadn't learned all of this LOA stuff a few years ago, I'd be inclined to agree with the naysayers and say they're right. But ever since I started watching Milner's work and fantasizing about him a bit, a funny thing has been happening. I've been starting to see (naturally) blonde, handsome guys more and more now. In fact, there was a waiter at the restaurant in Newburyport that my Meetup group and I ate at today that was tall, blonde, handsome, and had no tattoos. He wasn't our server (sadly!) and he was significantly younger than me, but I couldn't take my eyes off of him. There was also a young man in a Facebook connection's photo that reminded me a lot of Milner. Again, young -- and he was obviously spoken for -- but the law of attraction is a funny thing once you start focusing on something and then forget about it and live in the moment. 

Could this be a sign that there's a guy out there that reminds me of MM? Well, it's fun to fantasize no matter the outcome, so why not milk it and see what manifests? To be continued...

Friday, May 27, 2016

My Improving Vibration

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

So...something happened to me today that hasn't happened in quite a while. A man struck up a conversation with me. 

Earth shattering, I know. Whoop dee doo, right? But for me, it is progress and I'll explain why in a minute...

It happened when I was waiting for my burger to be made in my office building's cafeteria. He had ordered a burger, too, and started chatting with me while waiting for the food. He wasn't particularly attractive in my opinion and he was also dressed rather sloppily and looked disheveled which is a turn-off for me. I'm not sure if he actually works in the building as he was unfamiliar with the ordering process and where to go; there's a courthouse behind my building so people from there will often order from the cafe since it's one of only two food options available to them.

He also seemed a little socially awkward and tongue tied, which isn't the biggest deal in the world if I find a guy attractive, as sometimes they're just shy. However, I just knew immediately he wasn't someone I'd be interested in. When my food was ready I politely wished him a good weekend and left. So why am I even mentioning him at all?

Because he talked to me, and that hasn't happened in a long time. And I also took it as a sign that my vibration is changing in the direction that I want it to go. 

As anyone who's been reading my posts here for a while, for many months, I wasn't feeling very optimistic about attracting love and a relationship. Then I had that setback last weekend -- although I got over it quickly. 

All this week, I pressed forward and kept persevering with what I want in a man, how I want to feel in a relationship, and feeling really good about myself as well. I've also been finding ways to show myself more self well as to be more kind and loving towards others around me. 

So when the guy showed up today, I didn't get upset at the universe. I acknowledged it and was grateful for the "manifestation", albeit not the match I desire. 

I looked at it the same way I did when I was job hunting and recruiters would reach out to me with these off-the-wall openings that were nowhere near the type of job I wanted. It meant that I was in demand and I'm sure many of these jobs could have been mine if I really wanted them. But I knew I could do better, and could get what I really wanted. 

And that's how I viewed this guy...thank you for the interest, but I know I can do better. I know I can get what I really want. 

Something else kind of cool also happened to me tonight that indicates the law of attraction works, but I think I'll save that for the next blog post. I hope everyone has an awesome holiday weekend!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Dealing With Unwanted Advice

I know I said in my last post that I was going to talk about seeing the benefits of being single, but something happened to me over the weekend and I'm still feeling a bit like venting about it. 

One of my pet peeves is people that give unwanted advice. They mean well, and I know they're coming from a place of caring, but all too often it seems they lack the real-life experience in the very topic they're being nosy about. When I was out of work I experienced this more than once, and one evening dealt with a barrage of questions about job hunting and what I was currently doing for income at the time (which, to be frank, wasn't anyone's business to ask about) from a woman in my Meetup group -- a retired woman that hadn't been in the job seeking market for some years. 

Over the weekend I experienced this again -- only this time about my dating and love life. I never brought the subject up and wasn't intending to speak about it at all. When I'm focused on manifesting something, I prefer to keep it and any techniques (except for sharing it on this blog, since that's the whole point of it) to myself. Most people I meet do not have any concept of the law of attraction and no interest in learning anything about it. They are action driven, and believe that the only way you're going to meet a man is to "get out there more" and "kiss a lot of frogs until you find the right one."

Ugh. I already blogged a few months ago about why I don't believe in the notion of kissing a lot of frogs -- and how it was confirmed in a book I'm rereading. But back to my weekend, I met up with a friend that I've only known for a short time for dinner Saturday night, and instead of enjoying a nice meal about any number of topics, she decided to hone in on my single status and ask me a million questions as to what I've tried, or would try.

Keep in mind, I didn't bring the subject matter up AT ALL. But apparently I am a wonderment to some women, as they look at me and wonder why or how I could possibly be single. 

I also got asked some questions about a related topic that's a complete moot point by now. In some cases I was asked questions that she already asked me before. And then I was given more unwanted advice on said topic.

As the evening went on, I started to get more upset. Last night, I started to feel like -- honest to God -- that maybe there IS something wrong with me. Because if I were married or at least dating someone now, I wouldn't have been subjected to all of the questioning. Before taking my shower last night, I closed the bathroom door and had myself a short cry. 

That natural high that I was feeling on Thursday and Friday, the same one I blogged about last time, had evaporated. On a scale from 1 to 10, I went from feeling like a 9 a few days ago to something like a 3 or 4 last night. By today I was over it, but the experience prompted me to set some limits. 

By the way, the woman I went out with Saturday night has never really been single or in the dating world for an extended amount of time. She got married in another country, divorced, and then as soon as she came back to the States, found herself being pursued by a man she worked with. A man that was married at the time with a wife that was pregnant with their second child. She's now married to him (and has been for a good 25 years) but she can't understand why his family to this day dislikes her so much. 

This was a good lesson in not revealing too much too soon to a new friend...but I also realized that if someone starts pestering you with questions about a topic you're not comfortable discussing or don't want (or need) advice in, then you have to set limits. 

The book I'm rereading talks about this. Got a grandparent that keeps asking you when you're going to get married? Got a friend that pesters you to put a profile online when don't really want to do so? Try to avoid them if you can. If you can't, tell them you won't discuss your private life with them. You gotta ignore the peanut gallery and listen to your own intuition, or you'll go nuts. 

I know my friend means well. I know she wants to see me with a guy. However, it's more important to me that I'm with the right guy -- and I attract him by doing things I want to do. Even after the dinner, she gave me more unwanted advice in an email the next day...that I need to put myself "out there more" and that I should do online dating. I just deleted it. I decided that if she brings up the subject again, I'm telling her I have stopped discussing it with people, period. 

There's no point in trying to explain the LOA to people that don't get it, but I believe that in doing the inner work on myself I've come much farther than I ever did when I was struggling and forcing myself to go to singles events that I hated and posting my profile online. Anything that you want in life, you have to line up with the energy of what you want first. 

After I wiped away my tears in the bathroom, I reaffirmed that nothing is more important to me than my own happiness. And if that means having to limit time with people that don't get it, and/or be blunt with them, then so be it. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Manifested An Early Dismissal From Jury Duty

Jury duty. Not that many people enjoy finding out that they've been picked for it, and I am no exception. That's because it seems I've been chosen for it way too many times in my life, although to be fair the last time I received a notice was at least a decade ago. Not long after I started my job this year I got a summons in the mail, with May 19th as the date to appear. I thought about postponing it (you get up to a year) but my intuition told me no; go ahead and keep the date. As it turned out, there's a lot to be said for listening to that little guiding voice inside you.

I actually "did the Secret" yesterday that I wouldn't even have to show up. They give you a number to call after 3 PM, and I can remember one time when I called and found out I didn't have to go. But this time I did, as did all jurors that were summoned. So off I went this morning, to a city next to my town that has a bit of a rough reputation. Luckily the courthouse was really easy to find, and there were still spaces in the parking garage. 

I was in a really small pool of jurors; I'd say there were barely any more than 12, the number needed to sit on a jury. After being led to the juror holding room and shown a corny DVD on how important it is to serve on a jury, the judge came in. She introduced herself and said there were two cases being heard this morning that may go to trial. Normally the courthouse we were in is one of the top ten busiest courthouses in the state, but today was a quieter day. That was a good sign, but I'm sure everyone there assumed they'd be chosen for at least one of the trials. 

One of the books I brought with me to occupy the time was a law of attraction book I haven't finished yet: "Deliberate Receiving" by Melody Fletcher. Maybe it helped me, because there was one paragraph I read about living in the "now" and appreciating the "now." So as I looked around the room, I actually did begin to appreciate that the courthouse we were in seemed fairly new, modern, and clean. There were two restrooms in the back of the room, and tons of magazines for people that didn't bring anything to amuse themselves with other than their mobile phones. 

But the other thing I did is what I've been doing all along that keeps bringing about manifestations: I felt for a moment what it would feel like to find out that we could leave for the day. I didn't make a big deal about it, and I completely let go of the outcome. I figured whatever would happen would be for the best, and I knew I wouldn't be upset if I did have to sit on a trial, but I put it out there just the same and then forgot about it. 

An hour after she first introduced herself, the judge came in again and announced that both cases ended with plea bargains. We could go. She thanked us for being there today. It was 10:30 AM (so we only waited for two hours.) Everyone expressed vocalizations of surprise and relief. On the way out the door, one of the security guards that had screened all of us declared, "Wow! Are you guys lucky! See you -- maybe -- in three years!"

The rest of today also went extremely well -- I probably could have gone to the office had I really wanted to, but it was a gorgeous spring day and the company was paying for this day off. I wanted to savor the gorgeous day. I went for an hour long walk around the neighborhood after lunch, noticing details about people's houses and yards that I can't see when I'm running, riding my bike, or driving. There's nothing like springtime in New England -- the lilacs and lily of the valley are blooming right now, and the temperatures are perfect. It was sunny out this afternoon with just a few puffy clouds in the deep blue sky. 

People were walking their dogs and being friendly. Contractors were working on houses. Landscapers were mowing lawns. My body felt so good. My legs felt strong and flexible, my hips felt fluid, and I didn't get any knee pain like I sometimes do after walking for a long stretch of time. In fact, I felt like I could have done the Walk for Hunger today.  

I felt -- and still feel -- really good today. I felt like my old self, the woman from a year ago that was happy and appreciating everything, before the whole "S" situation messed up my head for a while. I feel ready to attract someone even better and more suitable (eligible) for me. 

I'm also finding ways to appreciate the "now" and the benefits of being single until I meet someone again. I'll write about this in the next post. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Shift

Woo hoo! I feel like celebrating, because last week I FINALLY experienced a positive shift in the way I feel about attracting a relationship again...dare I say it, I'm nearly back to feeling like my old self. It's always good to rejoice in the small victories in life!

It was about a week ago that I signed up for a free two-week long law of attraction program by Lara Shlafer called the "14-Day Manifest Miracles Challenge." I've mentioned Lara before on this blog; I find her to be extremely effervescent, informative, and beautiful. Sometimes when I watch her videos I wish that I could tap into her extroverted attitude and be more like her during my average day. In the meantime, however, her miracle challenge includes a daily email lesson and access to a closed group on Facebook with all of the members that signed up for it.

I actually signed up for the program a day after it started, and the first lesson had to do with miracles. Lara's video instructed us to comment on the Facebook page and simply state, "I choose to experience miracles today." Since I was leaving my comment on Monday night, I wrote, "I choose to experience miracles today." And added, "And every day."

I honestly didn't expect that much to happen. A lot of women were already posting comments on the Facebook page about the miracles they had experienced during the day, and they seemed like pretty deals, too. But on Tuesday, and as the week went on, I started to realize that I no longer cared that much about the whole "S" incident that happened to me last summer. I knew I'd be able to finally forget about it all and finalize moving on from it 100%. (He had reached out to me in January and wanted to resume email communication and that confused me and set me back, just when I thought I was over it.)

I let go of the lingering resistance, and I let go of any residual blame and resentment -- aimed at him or myself.

Not only that, but as recently as a few weeks ago I would still tear up at the ideal of attracting a relationship. I still wasn't quite believing it for myself. That has pretty much disappeared as well. 

I've also been looking at men's profiles online and discovering that guys are just as vulnerable when it comes to dating as women are...I've seen comments such as, "I'm a one woman man. Please be straight with me and I'll be straight with you," "Separated means separate -- not still living with an ex-boyfriend or husband," and "I only date one woman at a time." I appreciate that it seems not everyone on there is a player -- it's definitely a change I've noticed compared to online dating about 10 years ago, when it seems a lot of men were looking for casual sex.

So...onward and upward. Is my miracle really all that huge? Not really, and not to the average person, I'm sure. But for me it was kind of a big breakthrough, and my frame of mind is getting closer to where I was about a year ago. I look forward to experiencing what this week is going to bring.

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