Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How to Manifest Friends Using the Law of Attraction

I just joined a private Facebook group yesterday started by a law of attraction teacher I follow when I saw the following query posted by a fellow member: for those of you over 40, how do you make new friends?

She then ended her inquiry with this statement: creating real friendships at this age seems difficult.

It seems to me that she has some limiting beliefs that need to be cleared up, especially in the area of friendship. And she wasn't the only one; while several other members (including myself) chimed in with our success stories, several others said they had given up on the idea of making new friends, particularly after a certain age, which was a little sad to hear. Her question and statement also inspired a much needed blog post for this subject, so here we go!

In a nutshell, manifesting a good friend or friends is no different than manifesting anything else into your life...but just like manifesting anything, if you have limiting beliefs and resistance regarding friendships, you need to kick them to the curb.

Just listen to what she told us, that she believed to be true..."creating real friendships at this age seems difficult." That's a negative limiting belief, based on what she has recently experienced or experienced in the past. But there's no reason why anyone can't make a new friend at any age. Most of my mother's friends are ones she made within the past decade (keep in mind she's 87) when we started to attend a different church in town.

I went through some manifesting steps myself to attract my bestie Patti into my life as well as other gals I see far less regularly, but get together with on occasion, and several acquaintances through my Meetup group. Like anyone else, I've gone through ups and downs with friends and have lost friendships or just had people drift away, which happens often in life. But oddly enough, it didn't cement any negative beliefs in me in regards to manifesting friends...I'd had success doing it before, and knew I could do it again, and possibly attract people that may even end up being better friends than previous ones I had before.

For a while I wasn't meeting anyone in the original Meetup group that I ran that I wanted to do stuff with outside of the group. Or if I did, they had their own busy life and after a few social outings they just kind of vibrated away. I had no problem with this as I knew they weren't on my vibration, and that I would find new gal pals that were.

Then another Meetup group for women in my town needed an organizer after the woman that started it stepped down. I was already a member of it and stepped up to take it over. When attendance for the second "new" one seemed to be much better than my first one, I disbanded my original group (but not before letting all members know they could join the new one, and many of them already belonged to it.) Patti joined it, signed up for everything I organized, and after the first couple of events we just hit it off and started planning fun things to do outside of the group. She's everything I want in a friend including the fact that she enjoys chit chatting on the phone and catching up on a weekly basis.

So here's what I did, and the steps that I would recommend to anyone that wants to manifest meaningful new friendships into their life.

1. Forgive and Forget

A friendship is a form of a relationship, and thus it can really affect our emotions. Before you do anything, now's the time to clean the slate, let go of grudges and the past, and forgive any former friends (and yourself) for anything they did that you feel was wrong. LOA teachers stress this when wanting to attract a new romantic partner as well. If you learned a lesson that you can carry with you so any part you played in the friendship falling apart won't happen again, even better. But now's the time to wish any former friends well in your heart and let them go. The past is done; you're living in the present, so focus on living in it with a sense of renewal. And just because something happened to you in the past doesn't mean it's going to repeat itself.

2. Get Rid of Any Negative Beliefs

Most our of limiting beliefs seem to stem from observations and reactions we've made to less than happy experiences in our lives. If you think it's impossible to make friends after a certain age or if you believe you're an unlikeable person, then you need to drop these beliefs as they definitely won't serve you. Not once during my own process did I think I'd never find good friends again.

3. Try Not to Feel Lonely During the Friendless Period

You'll go through a period now when you probably won't manifest a strong new friendship right away, so start the friendship manifesting by being a good friend to yourself. If you feel lonely you'll only continue to attract feelings of loneliness, so try not to feel lonely if you can help it. Instead, be grateful for your alone time and use it to nurture your self love and catch up on hobbies you've been neglecting. Exercise, cook a new recipe, watch movies, finish a book you've been reading, love your pets, take care of yourself, and anything else that makes you feel good. There's an old adage that you can't feel lonely if you enjoy being with yourself, so work on that first and learn to be happy before the manifestation occurs.

4. Write Down (and Believe) Positive Friendship Affirmations

Grab a journal or a laptop when you're feeling upbeat, and make a list of friendship affirmations. They can include anything from "People enjoy my company" and "I'm a caring, compassionate friend that is respected by others" to "A fulfilling new friendship with the right person now brightens my social life." You can write them out and/or say them out loud, but the most important part is to believe that what you are writing and stating is true, and an undeniable fact!

5. Consider Your Friend's Attributes and How This Friendship Feels

Here's the fun part which really creates the manifesting...what kind of friend do you really want? What kinds of activities do you want to share with him/her? Be honest with yourself. If you're an easy going type that isn't into drinking and staying out late, but would prefer to do fun things during the day, then focus on feeling that kind of company and energy. If you like to do physical activities like hiking and riding your bike and would like someone to share this with you, then feel what that would feel like. The LOA isn't just about thinking; it's about feeling. It's the feeling that creates the vibration that causes people and circumstances to manifest into your life.

Likewise, whatever attributes you'd like in a friend, I think it makes sense that you need to possess those attributes yourself. If you want other people to accept you for everything that you are, then you need to accept your friends for everything they are as well.

6. Take Inspired Action

My inspired action was to take over the second Meetup group and then just post events that I wanted to do and that sounded like fun. You may be inspired to join (or organize) your own Meetup group or maybe join a new yoga studio, or a support or professional group. Whatever you do, do things that YOU want to do and that you get enjoyment from. Meetup is a great place to start and has groups in everything from simple social events to niche activities such as golf and foreign language enthusiasts. There's literally something for everyone in Meetup. Volunteering is also another great way to meet people and do something good at the same time.

One more thing...I really didn't spend TOO much time overthinking and over feeling the new friendship. I felt it a few times and felt good, then let it go and assumed it was on its way. In the meantime decided to enjoy life, whether I was doing something by myself or with the Meetup group. I'm finding out more and more (much like the submarine manifestation story I told a few videos back) that things we kind of think about lightly and have no resistance to totally show up a lot faster.

Have patience, have faith, and know that the right person or people will appear when you're enjoying yourself and not expecting it. Happy friendship manifesting!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Why Some People Lose It and Seek Revenge

I filmed this video over the weekend but haven't had a chance to announce it on the blog until today. My mother and I had to put our oldest cat to sleep on Monday so I just laid low on getting much done the past couple of days. This week's video is about what I feel is happening with so many people in the news lately that seem to be "losing it" and taking revenge on a former lover, employer, or other person or people they believe did them wrong. There's a lot to be said for being resilient especially in today's world and taking setbacks in stride and keeping an abundance-focused mindset. Anyways, here's the latest video from my YouTube channel, and I hope you like my crazy ass alien/insect sunglasses!

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