Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Shift

Woo hoo! I feel like celebrating, because last week I FINALLY experienced a positive shift in the way I feel about attracting a relationship again...dare I say it, I'm nearly back to feeling like my old self. It's always good to rejoice in the small victories in life!

It was about a week ago that I signed up for a free two-week long law of attraction program by Lara Shlafer called the "14-Day Manifest Miracles Challenge." I've mentioned Lara before on this blog; I find her to be extremely effervescent, informative, and beautiful. Sometimes when I watch her videos I wish that I could tap into her extroverted attitude and be more like her during my average day. In the meantime, however, her miracle challenge includes a daily email lesson and access to a closed group on Facebook with all of the members that signed up for it.

I actually signed up for the program a day after it started, and the first lesson had to do with miracles. Lara's video instructed us to comment on the Facebook page and simply state, "I choose to experience miracles today." Since I was leaving my comment on Monday night, I wrote, "I choose to experience miracles today." And added, "And every day."

I honestly didn't expect that much to happen. A lot of women were already posting comments on the Facebook page about the miracles they had experienced during the day, and they seemed like pretty deals, too. But on Tuesday, and as the week went on, I started to realize that I no longer cared that much about the whole "S" incident that happened to me last summer. I knew I'd be able to finally forget about it all and finalize moving on from it 100%. (He had reached out to me in January and wanted to resume email communication and that confused me and set me back, just when I thought I was over it.)

I let go of the lingering resistance, and I let go of any residual blame and resentment -- aimed at him or myself.

Not only that, but as recently as a few weeks ago I would still tear up at the ideal of attracting a relationship. I still wasn't quite believing it for myself. That has pretty much disappeared as well. 

I've also been looking at men's profiles online and discovering that guys are just as vulnerable when it comes to dating as women are...I've seen comments such as, "I'm a one woman man. Please be straight with me and I'll be straight with you," "Separated means separate -- not still living with an ex-boyfriend or husband," and "I only date one woman at a time." I appreciate that it seems not everyone on there is a player -- it's definitely a change I've noticed compared to online dating about 10 years ago, when it seems a lot of men were looking for casual sex.

So...onward and upward. Is my miracle really all that huge? Not really, and not to the average person, I'm sure. But for me it was kind of a big breakthrough, and my frame of mind is getting closer to where I was about a year ago. I look forward to experiencing what this week is going to bring.

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