Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How I Know Manifestation Lists Work

I know many people must scoff at me, even if secretly, when I mention the importance of making out a manifestation list. This is when you list qualities of what you would like in your ideal partner, job, home, or whatever else you wish to manifest. I can honestly say I came close with my ideal partner and job lists and will continue to focus on the qualities and what I want. I don't think there's any such thing as being too picky with a list because the Universe will know which qualities you're willing to give a pass on once that manifestation shows up. 

But I also have a story to tell that proves to me that these lists work, because I met someone once that had great success with her list. 

Years ago when I owned a Volkswagen Beetle (not a vintage one, but the re-released "New Beetle" that came out in 1998) I joined a New England club just for New Beetle owners. This was in the days before Meetup and similar sites; communication about events was accomplished via an email digest that would be sent out a few times a day. I signed up for and attended a dinner with other members at a Mexican restaurant, and I ended up hitting it with off with a friendly young woman that sat next to me named Lorraine. 

Lorraine was attending the dinner with her boyfriend (or maybe he was her husband; I can't remember) and they just seemed like the perfectly suited couple. Looks-wise and personality-wise, they complimented each other so well to me. Lorraine and I ended up exchanging personal email addresses and wrote each for a while after that event. 

As I was single at the time and feeling self-conscious and angst over it, our emails eventually gravitating to that topic. I told Lorraine what a great pair she and her boyfriend made, and asked how they met. I've never forgotten the advice she gave me, and am now suddenly after all of these years feeling appreciative of it and getting goosebumps in realizing how accurate she was. 

You have to remember this was several years before The Secret was published and not once did Lorraine mention the law of attraction to me, but she told me that she had actually written out a list of everything she wanted in a boyfriend/partner. Easily 100 items and she even specified that she wanted him to wear real pajamas to bed. Lorraine didn't want to have children, so she put that on her list, too (actually, the reason I dropped contact with her is because I thought she was a little strong-headed against parents that chose to have children and her messages were getting increasingly irate on that subject.) 

I honestly don't remember how she met her boyfriend, but I know it wasn't online--I think it had something to do with a vintage car meet. But she insisted that he met every single quality on her list, right down to the fact that he wore pajamas to bed!

At the time I didn't know what to make of it and chalked it up to her simply being an extremely lucky person. But years later, after hearing about people making out lists of what they want in a partner, job, home, etc. actually manifesting, I realized that Lorraine was absolutely spot-on and had been "doing The Secret" without knowing anything about it. 

She also told me at the time that there was absolutely nothing wrong with being single and that I shouldn't feel the least bit sorry or embarassed about it, but instead savor it. She said her sister, who was a model, was very beautiful but had very low self esteem and was dating and sleeping with every "loser" she came into contact with. Lorraine was hoping she'd just learn to be happy by herself for a while. She said the best thing I could do would be to enjoy life, cherish myself, and be happy until the right guy shows up. She was right!

I actually wish I could remember Lorraine's last name and look her up on Facebook, but this communication took place a good 15 years ago and like I said, we lost touch. It would be interesting to know if she's still with her "soulmate" partner that she conjured using a list. And unfortunately, I didn't really heed her advice until I started reading it in so many LOA books and remembered our exchanges. 

So here's to Lorraine...the LOA guru I knew years ago. I'm so grateful for the brief friendship and connection I had with her. I hope she is well wherever she is. Don't dismiss the magic of making out a list!

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