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How To Manifest Money Using the Law Of Attraction

Money! To quote an old song that I love, "It's what I want" and it's also what most people want when they first learn about the law of attraction. Most of us want more of the green stuff. But exactly how do we go about getting it?

I've mentioned on here before the success I've had with attracting money -- I even attracted an extra $1,000 once in my paycheck that I tried to return, but the Universe wouldn't take it back!

I'm going to outline some tips that have worked for me, but in general I'd say the main reason I believe I manifest extra money on a fairly consistent basis is because I have virtually no resistance to it and I never think about how it's going to come. I also have no negative beliefs surrounding money, despite hearing that old adage, "I'm not made of money" from my parents more than once growing up.

Money, like everything else in the Universe that we could possibly desire, has an energy and a frequency that we just need to tune into and get emotional about. If you feel that there's not enough of it to go around and that you will never have enough financial abundance to enjoy, then that's exactly what you're going to attract. But if you can feel good about the money you currently have, develop a relationship of sorts with money using your thoughts and emotions, and know that it's possible to attract it in ways that you cannot even conceive of, you're going to shift your energy and start seeing more of it show up in your life.

I've been practicing the law of attraction for eight years now, and I can honestly say in that time I've experienced a lot more money coming into my life, and much more frequently, then it did before I learned about the LOA. Part of that is due to being fortunate enough to live at home and save an awful lot of my income. But I now have money entering my life from a few streams of revenue that didn't exist eight years ago, and I've received a lot of unexpected money during that time, including a $12,000 pay raise at one job. And this month alone, I attracted a lot of "out of the blue" money that I didn't see coming. I've been keeping track of it in my journal, and plan to continue doing so with each new month.

So what have I been doing differently that I wasn't doing eight years ago? Here's some general LOA money tips that have worked for me.

Positive Affirmations

One of the first things I did when I learned about the LOA was I delved into writing, speaking, and most importantly -- believing -- positive affirmations, and that included quite a bit of ones about money. Affirmations such as, "I am a money magnet," "Money flows easily and effortlessly to me," and "I seem to attract money wherever I go" resulted in me finding a $20 bill on the floor of Lord & Taylor when there was no one else around one day, about three weeks after I started saying these affirmations on a regular basis. That to me was a huge sign from the Universe that these practices work. No doubt the new beliefs shifted my vibration and led me to find the $20 when I was least expecting it.

Viewing Money As A Good -- Not A Bad -- Thing

I'm sure we've all heard the saying, "Money is root of all evil" and probably at one time or another felt that very rich people are greedy and bad, and thus having a lot of money is sometimes seen as a negative thing. The truth is money is only "bad" if that's how you choose to see it. Yes, there are some  very greedy CEOs and rich people out there, but I believe that there's far more people that do good things with their money such as donating it to charities and other causes. Money has the power to do a lot of good in the world and help people (and animals) so that is how I choose to view it. I also decided that I was never going to feel guilty about having money in the bank and a few extra bills in my wallet. Why should we feel guilty about attracting something that we desire and enjoy?

Developing a Positive Relationship With Money

This goes along with my first tip, but something I've been doing lately is writing down affirmations in my journal that have to do with enjoying a positive "relationship" with money...statements such as, "Money pleasantly surprises and delights me," "Money is my friend," and "For every dollar I spend or donate, it comes back to me multiplied." And just as you would nurture an on-going relationship, I keep "nurturing" my relationship with money with these positive statements.

Appreciating The Money You Already Have

This goes along with the "attitude of gratitude" that's so prevalent with LOA teachings. I always give thanks for the money I have and the amounts I attract, even if they may seem trivial to most people. What you focus on is going to expand, and I believe by being appreciative of what you have saved and on-hand, you're focusing on it and sending the message to the Universe that you like this and welcome more of it into your life.

Keep Track Of Your "Out of the Blue" Money

As I mentioned above, something new that I've recently started doing is keeping track of all surprise or out of the blue money that's been coming my way this month. That includes receiving a discount on meals, as I enjoyed recently with a friend's museum membership, using a coupon, or when someone chips in for gas during a road trip. It all counts -- these things all have a monetary value. This month I received extra severance from my most recent employer that I was not expecting, and the horse race betting site gave me $2 on a notification spin, which I then grew to almost $15 before cashing it out. I've been keeping track of it all and so far it's all amounted to a few thousand dollars. That's not counting the amount I make from freelancing, although I am jotting down advertising revenue from my blogs if the amount surprised me on that day. Even if you come across a lost quarter on the street, write it down. I really believe by looking at what I've been attracting, I'm activating more feelings of continuously attracting "out of the blue" money.

Don't Rely On the Lottery Or Gambling; Know That Money Will Come In Surprise Ways

A lot of people, when they first learn about the LOA, immediately start asking how they can use it to manifest a huge lottery win. The truth is by thinking that the only way of attracting a large amount of money is through a lottery win, you're limiting the ways in which money can come to you.

And yes, I just mentioned up above that I won almost $15 earlier this month on horse racing -- but that was only when the site gave me free cash to bet with.  I stopped putting my own money into it a while ago because I lost quite a few hundred dollars doing so, and only visit a casino once a year. I figure if the Universe is going to give me money in that way, the site will give me a notification and if I lose it, at least I didn't lose my own money. I also only play the lottery if I get a strong urge to spend the $2.

When my mother first learned about LOA she too was convinced that the only way she was going to attract money was through the lottery, until I reminded her that it can come in ways she can't imagine. Shortly afterwards, she discovered nearly $2,000 in cash that my late father had stashed and hid in the basement.

Something else to consider is that most people that gamble are doing so out of desperation and negative feelings about money and their financial situation. I've seen it just reading the comments in the homepage chat box on the horse racing betting site. You can never attract money, at least not much of it, from a negative standpoint. It's really best to only gamble when you have a strong feeling that you should do it, or to simply get enjoyment from the entertainment value of it (and if the thought of losing money doing so doesn't bother you or conjure up negative feelings.)

Keep a $100 Bill In Your Wallet

Something that I did for a while, and plan on doing again soon, is keeping a $100 bill in my wallet. Just having that amount there -- if you can afford to take it from your savings and not spend it -- is going to make you feel abundant and rich every time you see it. That feeling of keeping $100 on hand is going to keep the vibration of money going.

There are lots of other creative ways of manifesting money, but these are just some of the ones that have worked for me. Stay positive, have fun, keep the vibration money high...and let me know of your own money manifesting success stories in the comments!

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