Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What Is the Emotional Scale?

In my last blog post I said that I would talk a little about the Emotional Scale. I'm seeing and hearing a lot about it lately in LOA books and videos, because it's a tool that many find useful to improve their vibration and feelings on any given subject. The graphic above gives you an idea of what it is; namely, the scale of emotions that us humans are capable of feeling.

Why should we care about this scale and why are LOA teachers talking about it? Because as you can probably see, emotions that are on the lower end of the scale (sadness, depression, anger, etc.) are considered low vibrating emotions. Those at the high end of the scale (passion, joy, love, etc.) are high vibrating emotions. Obviously, we want to be spending much of our time at the higher points of the scale, the ones shaded in green. 

Our thoughts fuel our emotions and feelings. Therefore, no matter where we are at the lower end of the Emotional Scale, it's possible to reach for better feeling thoughts to help elevate us to the higher, more positive emotions. 

There are tons of graphics online representing the emotional scale, but the reason I chose the one above to post is because it's the first I've seen that points out where we have to be before we start to see manifestations of what we want appearing: Hopefulness. Move a little further up to Positive Expectation/Belief and your desire is about to manifest. Push yourself further emotionally into Enthusiasm, Passion, and/or Joy and you're now in the manifestation zone.

Something interesting to consider is that most of us, on any given day, usually live life in the Contentment or perhaps the Boredom zone. Just somewhere right along the border of feeling bad and feeling good. Which means it's quite easy to fall down the ladder into negative emotion and just as easy to climb up the ladder a few rungs into more positive emotions.

I interpret the emotions on the scale to represent how a person is feeling about their life in general, but you can use it to improve your feelings and beliefs on any given topic. The important thing I do keep reading about using the Emotional Scale is that you cannot realistically expect to make quantum leaps on it; a depressed person at the bottom of the scale is usually not going to jump to feeling joy and empowered overnight. In fact, it's impossible to make this "quantum leap" (as Melody Fletcher calls it) when someone is feeling despair because in that stage, joy is a foreign, unreachable emotion. 

But, what they can do is take baby steps in the right direction by reaching for better feeling thoughts. If you're jealous that other people have money and you don't feel so positive about money, you can reach for better feeling thoughts about money until you've worked yourself up to Pessimism.

I'd say that much of the time, I believe I'm in the Contentment emotional zone -- feeling OK/good but nothing spectacular. I have to do a little work some days (writing gratitude lists, focusing on things to appreciate, doing things that bring me pleasure) to move myself up to Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness. Writing about a topic I'm interested in definitely moves me up into a higher vibration, and that's when I'll pull out my journal and do a little pray rain journaling

So that's the scale in a nutshell. You can learn more about it and each emotional step along the ladder in the Abraham-Hicks book Ask and It Is Given.

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