Friday, September 9, 2016

What Is Pray Rain Journaling?

When my cat was missing (and we still don't have her back in the house yet, but we're getting close -- she foiled the have-a-hart trap we set last night because we didn't have it set properly) I mentioned that there was a new LOA technique I had tried that I believe quite possibly attracted her back to the yard. It's called pray rain journaling. 

What is pray rain journaling? The name comes from a story about Native Americans that were experiencing a severe drought. We don't know how long ago this took place, whether it was centuries or merely a few years ago, but the story claims that instead of praying "for" rain and doing a rain dance, a shaman simply "prayed rain." He stood in a field with his eyes closed and his arms outstretched, and imagined the feeling of rain falling on his face, the sound of it hitting the ground, and the sight of the crops being nourished by the water. 

The tale goes on to say that it didn't just rain, it poured. 

Thus, pray rain journaling is simply writing in a journal the way you want something to be...pretending that it is happening or already happened (living "as if") and feeling and experiencing the emotions that come up. With my cat, I just wrote a few paragraphs saying how happy and grateful I was to have her safely back in the house...that I loved patting her soft fur again and being greeted by her in the morning, among other things. I read my passage aloud, put the journal away, distracted myself with clips of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to keep my vibration high, and fifteen minutes later she was spotted on the back patio. 

So why pray something and not pray for it? Because praying for something means you're noticing and are focused on the absence of it. With pray rain journaling, you're putting it in the present, pretending it has already happened, and focusing on its presence, not the absence.

Since then I've been pray rain journaling for money (and also using another technique I discovered online, which I'll mention in another post.) It's working...I ended up with a jump in blog advertising revenue because the traffic spiked on my other blog when Mashable and Reddit mentioned my site and linked to a post I did five years ago. Last weekend I saved money on a museum visit because one of my friends is a member and had a guest pass plus a discount on food. Then yesterday the race horsing website notified me that I a free bet spin, and I managed to turn the $2 I won into $15 before cashing it out. 

I also think there's something powerful about writing the words down, by hand, in a journal. I feel it slows the process down and you really get to absorb each sentence as you're putting pen to paper. I've been writing in the journal every day and I seriously plan on using it and the pray rain journaling technique for all areas of my life now. 

My only word of advice when doing this is that it yields the best effects when your vibration is fairly high and you're feeling good, without any resistance or negative feelings. It's best to do this when you're feeling good, and inspired to write. Otherwise, the best you can do is use the journal to feel better about where you currently are and try to move up the emotional scale. What's the emotional scale? I'll explain more in my next post!

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