Thursday, April 27, 2017

New Video Post: Focus On What You Want and Leave Out the Unwanted Stuff to Manifest!

So here's the set-up for today's video, which I only half explained in the actual clip. Yesterday I was on the YouTube channel for a law of attraction coach that I follow that shared a new video about a client's success story. Said client was female and had set an intention to attract a relationship. Shortly afterwards, she met a great guy that she really hit it off with only to discover that he had a girlfriend.

I went off a little bit on this coach -- how could he possibly call this a success story when the guy she attracted was unavailable? He explained that she was going to fine-tune her vibration and journal about it to tweak things and that it was still a success story. This didn't make sense to me because after all, I had attracted a guy with pretty much everything I loved except he was married.

Then last night I was on Lisa Concepcion's channel (I just adore her and her energy) and watched a video she made a few months ago about the importance of focusing on the wanted aspects of something and forgetting all about the crap. And then it clicked with me.

I've realized that for over a year now I've been beating this drum (with friends and family) of "I attracted a married man" and had been focusing on that for way too long. But the truth is I couldn't see his good qualities and the ones that really resonated with what I want in a partner because I was still angry, hurt, and resentful. I still had some forgiving and letting go to do, and that took a few months.

Now that I'm back to thinking neutrally about the situation and feeling as happy as I was two years ago, I knew that I would be able to finally appreciate "S" and what was RIGHT and FELT GOOD about him and forget about the 3% of him or so that was undesirable.

What we focus on expands and continues to show up in our lives. So, from now on I'm choosing to focus on the wanted in a relationship and let the other stuff just kind of fade away.

Once I realized this yesterday it was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I have so much energy back, too...had a great workout yesterday with no desire to nap in the afternoon. My body physically feels lighter then it has in years -- that's the effect of letting go of unwanted crap and the past and raising your vibration!

So here's the video, and I'm grateful to have reached a point where I can finally feel happy and appreciative that I attracted S instead of wallowing in why it had to end. I still don't know for sure what I've been putting out there that attracted the unavailability but I've been working on myself and letting go of a lot of limiting beliefs these past few months, and I just KNOW now that there is an awesome man out there for me that has EVERY important quality, including being in a great place in his life and available to bring another person into it.

I've rambled on long enough here -- here's the video.

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