Thursday, April 20, 2017

Why the Law of Attraction is a Lot Like Working Out

Hey positive people, long time no post! I hope to have another video up by next week but in the meantime, here's something I was thinking about today: the law of attraction is a lot like working out, or sticking to a health/fitness regimen. 

That's because the number one mistake most people make with the LOA is they give up on it way too soon. They decide to think positively for a day or two (not realizing most of the time that it isn't the thinking but it's the feeling and their beliefs that cause manifestations) and when they don't get the results they want practically overnight, they say "this doesn't work" and they give up on it. 

In a similar vein, how many times have you heard of someone that decided their going to work out, make their eating habits healthier, and then revert back to their old ways after a week or so (or even less)? They think results are going to come immediately and that their body will magically transform right away and of course, it doesn't happen that way.

It takes time. Likewise, it takes time to see improvement in your life from LOA. 

Both warrant a lifestyle change. The LOA really is a change in attitude about life on a daily basis, and it can't be temporary if you want to always be growing and improving your life. Just as you can't temporarily eat healthy and exercise and then decide to fall back into your old ways if you want a fit and healthy body. 

And both can feel strange when you first start doing them. One is a stretching of the mind and utilizing areas you've never used before. The other is a stretching of he body and utilizing muscles you may never have worked before. 

I bring it up because I had an off day today and kind of fell off the wagon. Now granted, I've been practicing LOA for a decade now so I definitely have been sticking to it. However, I still need help removing blocks in the relationship department and that's where I got a little stuck today. 

But tomorrow is a new day, and I'll pick myself up, remind myself that every day presents a new opportunity to get back on track and keep pushing forward. Just as someone would get back on the exercise and healthy eating routine after binging. 

You have to stick with it, and you have to make that commitment. No, you probably won't see results overnight. Many of us have too much resistance and blocks in certain areas that need to be removed. 

But just as there's a satisfaction to fitting into a particular dress size or seeing a target weight on the scale, there's immense satisfaction in being able to live the kind of life that you want. 

And so, I stick to it...stretching the mind and learning new tips and techniques every day. 

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