Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Love Yo' Damn Self!

Instead of posting a new video this week I thought I'd share this particular one that I discovered on YouTube last night, by a law of attraction and life coach I just love named Lisa Concepcion. Lisa's energy is so enthusiastic and engaging that when I watch her videos I can't help but think how much I'd love to be friends with her, or someone like her. She just has such a high vibing zest for life and I find her messages very inspirational. If you're accustomed to more low-key people like me making videos then you're going to find her cranked up by comparison, but I really love the way she delivers this message about the importance of self love and how it will help you navigate your way around any BS in life. Indeed, having respect for yourself and knowing that you're worthy is the key. Enjoy, and I promise I'll be back soon with a video of my own.

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