Sunday, June 12, 2016

Why I Don't Believe In Coincidences

This morning I went out to brunch with my Meetup group, and was delighted to discover that one of my members that I've met once before is a law of attraction devotee like myself. We both got excited when we learned we shared this interest -- she's read some of the same books that I have, and even listens to CDs by Louise Hay in her car. 

I also think we were both excited because there is a tendency to feel that non-believers look at law of attraction people like we're a little kooky, or belong to some cult (I can assure you that the LOA is NOT a cult, just a spiritual belief system that's been proven to work for thousands of years now, with its roots in the Bible.) I'm not bashing or criticizing skeptics; I used to be one myself until I watched an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show (of which Louise Hay was a guest) and decided I had nothing to lose by at least giving it a try. 

I did tell this woman in my group, however, that the one thing my non-believer friends and acquaintances always say to me when I tell them that I manifested something cool is that it is just a coincidence. They won't even give me credit for attracting a job that has everything I wanted going for it and then some; they think I just got lucky and fell into it. 

My group's member shook her head and confirmed what I vehemently believed all along: "No, it is absolutely not a coincidence. The Universe is always listening and responding to what you are putting out there." 

The thing is, I've managed to attract way too many cool things in my life by now to chalk it up to luck or coincidence. I definitely don't think it's a coincidence that I managed to land the right job, cure my psoriasis, find fun ways of making extra money, get the dentist that I wanted, make new friends, and get out of jury duty after only two hours. The one glitch has been attracting a married guy, but considering he had everything I wanted in a man, I'm feeling pretty confident again that I'll get what I want in someone that's actually eligible. 

Those are the "bigger" manifestations. There's also been hundreds of "smaller" ones through the years, from finding the perfect parking space to hearing songs on the radio I've been wanting to hear. 

I told the woman in my group that just last week, I heard two consecutive songs on the radio in my car while driving to work that I had thought about in passing the night before. And that they were really obscure ones. As soon as the first one ended on the 60s on 6 channel on Sirius, I flipped to another station on my presets called Groove and the second song started to play from the beginning. I definitely don't consider that a coincidence. 

I've met or come into contact with lots of people during the past several years that don't believe in the law of attraction. That's their choice and I'm not going to waste my time trying to convince them otherwise. All I know is it has worked for me and is making an enormous difference in my life. And right now I'm grateful that I've found another individual that does believe in it, so it'll be fun to swap stories with her at the next get-together. 

I'm going to end this post with a snippet from another blog I like to follow by Melody Fletcher. This particular post goes into more detail about coincidences and the LOA. In response to a reader's question about coincidence, Melody responds with, "There are truly no coincidences, not in the sense that things just happen randomly, or by chance. Everything that happens is due to the Law of Attraction bringing together matching energy. This is happening whether or not we're aware of it, which is why events can sometimes seem random. But they're not."


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