Sunday, June 19, 2016

When the Universe Says "No", There's A Reason For It

How many times has this happened to you?

You didn't get the job you thought you wanted.

You didn't get the potential boyfriend or girlfriend you thought you wanted.

You didn't get the house you thought you wanted. 

When the Universe tells you "no" it can feel like a door slamming in your face. For those of us that practice the law of attraction, getting that slammed door when we believe we manifested something (or someone), can feel even worse. 

I've experienced the first two scenarios above (and I'm sure will probably experience number three when the time is right to buy a home.) They sucked. But usually when something falls through and you don't get what you want, particularly the first time, there's a good reason for it. 

Being denied something when you think you attracted what you want can make feel like a bratty little child. "But I want that!" And yet, the Universe, like a wise parent, knows better for you. 

And it's almost always because the Universe has something even better in store for you. Why be content settling for less than what you really want when you can have something better?

It's also because your true inner vibration wasn't a perfect match to what manifested in the first place. I went through this a few times when job hunting. I interviewed for positions that were close to what I ultimately wanted, and each interview moved me closer to narrowing down exactly what I wanted and what I knew would make me happy. 

There was one job that wasn't perfect but I still wanted it. It would have involved a lot of copywriting for a travel company. I was very disappointed that I didn't get the offer. But looking back, I can see that I would have got bored in the job fairly quickly. Not only that, but the company had numerous negative reviews on Neither of which were qualities that I wanted in a job...who does?

I've said it before on here, but it bears repeating: I'm so happy it didn't work out. I'm so happy I ended up in a job with a company that resonates so much better with me. 

I had to believe that the universe knew that I deserved better. 

Plus, this is where believing in abundance comes in. You have to believe there's an abundance of jobs (no matter what the media or friends tell you) and that there's one right for you. 

Same goes with the man situation. I wrote on here about the married guy I attracted. The Universe knows that I deserve so much better than that. But more than that, I know that I deserve better. My vibration and feelings are different and stronger than they were a year ago, when that thing started. These days I keep reminding myself that I'm available. I'm eligible. Therefore the least that I deserve is someone who's eligible and available, too. I deserve someone that can call me, email me, and make plans with me anytime he likes. It's a non-negotiable deal breaker and bare minimum requirement for me now. 

Also, considering I never met this guy in person -- only spoke to him on the phone and over email -- I have NO idea whether we really, truly, would have hit it off in person. There may be things about him that might have ultimately drove me crazy, and vice versa. 

I'd rather be single than be with less than what I know I deserve. And I'm sure when I manifest Mr. Wonderful I'm going to be so flipping happy and grateful that it didn't work out with anyone else. In fact, I've been using that feeling to get into the feeling/manifesting mode of what this relationship feels like. (I'm going to blog about feelings and why they, and not simply thinking thoughts, actually cause something to manifest in my next post.)

So when the Universe says "no", say, "yes" to its decision and accept it. Because it means something better is on its way. 

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