Thursday, June 30, 2016

New Friends

Today's blog post is a few paragraphs of gratitude, for two new friends I now have in my life. When I was out of work my social life slowed down to a crawl, mainly because I felt I wasn't in a position to be spending a lot of money on going out to eat and other social functions. Now that I'm working again, I've slowly been ramping up the events with the two Meetup groups I run; my original plus another I took over late last year when the first organizer stepped down.

I've been meeting members, and having a great time, but something was missing: a few close friendships with women that I could plan something with outside of a Meetup event once in a while. I mentioned in a previous post that I did have this once, and screwed it up, but decided I had to forgive myself and move on. I have a few friends that I hang out with one-on-one, but the connection and chemistry so to speak isn't always 100% there (not that there's anything wrong with that.)

But last Friday night I hung out with two great gals after work. One has been to several of my events and I've slowly been getting to know her better; the other had been to two events and is a law of attraction junkie like myself. And we had a great time. We could all talk to each other about various subjects -- the topic even ventured into politics at one point with everyone accepting one another's opinions and there's been no judging or anything else that would strain a relationship. In fact, we ended the evening with a group hug in the restaurant's parking lot -- LOL! Maybe the slight alcohol buzz contributed somewhat to that, who knows, but we had a great time and plan on doing it again soon.

This also comes at a time when I'm finding ways to appreciate being single, much the same way I eventually found ways to appreciate the time I was unemployed. 

I can't say I did anything in particular to manifest a couple of nice new friends. I simply did the usual -- I had faith that I would hit it off again with new people, and kept reassuring myself that I was still a good person despite my past mistakes (which I've learned from) and had a lot to offer as a friend. And from time to time I'd take a moment to feel what it would feel like to have a couple of new valuable friendships that would grow and last a lifetime. I didn't worry and didn't stress about it; I just assumed it would happen when I wasn't expecting it. And it did. (Now I just gotta keep reminding myself of all this when manifesting an awesome boyfriend.)

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