Monday, March 21, 2016

What Would It Feel Like To Have What You Really Want?

I'm feeling quite a bit better since my last post. When I finished writing it, I took a nap. I've been reading on the law of attraction forum I like to visit that taking a nap is sometimes the best thing you can do when you're having a lot of negative emotion, because it can stop the negative thoughts cold. When you wake up, it often feels like the slate has been wiped clean and you can start over by focusing on better feeling thoughts. 

So that's exactly what I did. I also exercised last night. And then I read something on the forum that really reminded me of something that I haven't been doing lately, that I had written about just last week. 

A woman on the forum wanted a job. Her husband was working and she felt like a failure every day when he went to work and her kids went to school. 

One of the pieces of advice given to her was actually a question...why exactly did she want a job? The simple answer for a lot of people would probably be to make money and bring in an income. The moderator told her to really think about it and be specific, because it was going to create in her the feelings of having a job. She wanted to feel that she had a purpose in life, she wanted to stretch her skills, and she wanted to enjoy the company of other people in the office. Thinking about all of these were going to create feelings and emotional changes within her. And it's the feeling part that essentially rises your vibration and causes things to happen. 

I'll admit there was a time that if you asked me why I wanted a relationship, I probably wouldn't have given the best answer. "Because I don't want to die alone" is one that a lot of people say. There actually are several good reasons I want a relationship, but a major one for me right now is that I'm amazed that it's possible for two strangers, from different backgrounds and sometimes different geographical areas, that aren't related to one another can discover they have this great connection and chemistry and fall in love. I don't always get along with people in my family, and it just blows my mind that I can find someone of the opposite sex that I'll get along with like no one I'm related to, and we really get each other. I do consider it a magical experience and one of those mysteries in life that just can't be explained. There's a great old song by Chicago called "Questions 67 and 68" that captures this feeling, to me, perfectly (yes, I guess it's obvious by now I love Chicago.) 

As I said, I still have beliefs to work on and change. I'm feeling better tonight, yes, but don't quite have the 110% unwavering belief like I did while job hunting. I'll be working on it but thinking about all of the reasons I want a relationship and the feelings they evoke is definitely a step in the right direction.

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