Friday, March 4, 2016

How I Manifested A Walking Buddy

So this is a "smaller", "less important" law of attraction success story, but a success story nonetheless. The company I'm now working for is small; there's only about 13 employees including myself. It's certainly nothing to complain about, but a few days in I realized I was just a little bit lonely around lunchtime. They had me using the CFO's office while he was on vacation, and because there's not many people, there just isn't a lot of socialization and people tend to go out or eat lunch by themselves. I had lunch at the table in the office for a few days in a row before I decided that I really wanted a lunch buddy. 

Part of my motivation was that my last company, which was larger, was a lot more cliquey, and also full of people in other departments a good ten years younger than me who went to lunch together. I would mostly take a walk outside if it was nice during lunchtime, and then eat my meal at my desk. 

I didn't stress about it, and I didn't wonder how it was going to happen with what seemed like limited options in the office. I was perfectly open to meeting someone from another company working in the same building that maybe I'd hit it off with. Either way, I realized that feeling lonely was exactly the wrong thing to do, since that feeling was just going to attract more situations of feeling lonely. So I made the effort to instead imagine what it would be like to have company for lunch, to feel a new friendship. And then I let it go and forgot about it.

It was Wednesday when I was heating up my lunch in the kitchen and this woman named Anne that works on the operations team popped her head in and asked if I would like to join her for a walk. She walks the stairs and floors of our office building when the weather is lousy or too cold, and outside when it's nice. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised--and delighted. I wrapped my lunch up and joined her, and got to get some orientation on my building's layout in the process. 

Now we've walked together every day for about 20 minutes or so except for two days where she was busy dealing a problem. She's older than I am and has a daughter in college, but we hit it off. She's friendly, pleasant, and really great company. And to be honest, I'm enjoying having a walking buddy better than sitting and eating with somebody, where it sometimes gets hard to carry on a conversation when you have limited time to eat. I'm really grateful for her camaraderie. 

It's a funny thing about the universe, but you often get something even better than what you were intending. It seems this process of feeling the feeling of being there, knowing it'll happen easily, and then letting it go is really working for me lately to attract a lot of nice things. 

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