Saturday, February 20, 2016

Why I Don't Believe in Psychics

Last summer, before a lot of the caca I've written about here hit the fan, I paid for a phone consultation with a psychic. I don't know why I felt compelled to get a reading, except to say I think perhaps instead of relying on the universe to know that everything would turn out alright that I needed to hear that validation from another human being that somehow had "magic" powers. I knew I made a mistake when the psychic called me the morning of our scheduled reading, in tears, saying she was dealing with allergies and had to reschedule our appointment because she knew she wouldn't be able to give me a proper reading. Then she rescheduled it again because she realized she double booked me with someone else's time slot. 

I should mention that I've never received an accurate reading or any prediction that came true from a psychic. As it turned out, this lady was no exception. She really couldn't tell me much...and it was only when I asked her about romantic relationships later in the phone conversation that she said I was going to get involved with a man probably in November that traveled a lot for business and also drank just as much. Uh -- nope. I would not date a heavy drinker and whoever this lush is, I obviously didn't meet him and am thankful I didn't! 

She also became fixated on my brother, and said there was going to be a major health concern coming up and that the whole family was going to rally around him. Well, it's possible she was seeing my mother there, who did end up having triple bypass surgery in late July. My brother did have a minor health "worry" at the time which turned out to be nothing. 

She said she saw a male spirit around me that had a combover. LOL -- my father didn't comb over his hair and I don't know of anyone else in my family or that I was close to that passed that did. 

She also predicted that I would be focusing on freelance work and any job I did take would be part-time to supplement the at-home work. She kept saying there was going to be a LOT of freelance work coming up. That never happened, either. In fact, the company I do freelance work for on the side recently told me I had to drop the amount of time I've been doing work for them down a bit. 

Needless to say, after hanging up and realizing my $55 could have been better spent on something that would have brought me pleasure, I vowed never to contact another psychic again. Do I think that all psychics are shysters? No. I am sure that there are some really talented, reputable psychics out there that do regularly make accurate predictions for people. I just haven't encountered one and do feel that the majority of them can't quite read me for whatever reason or they are, indeed, just making stuff up as they go along. 

Considering everything that has happened to me between June and now, I'd say at least some of your life isn't pre-determined by fate, but by faith. Maybe you can't control everything that happens to you in life, but you can control how your react to it and set new intentions. 

Living life by the law of attraction makes yourself your own psychic. If you believe your future is going to be bright, it will. And knowing that is better than any money you could ever waste on a reading. 

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