Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How I Manifested a J-O-B

Well, I have some pretty incredible news to share. I got a job! The job I interviewed for that I was so excited about. It still hasn't sunk in yet (except for the crying I did earlier because I am so happy) but I'll be working as a social media manager for an organic meat company that is poised for growth this year and wants to start introducing its products to consumers. One part of me can't believe it's actually happened. The other part of me is saying, "Hey girl, of COURSE it did -- because YOU created it with your thoughts and beliefs!"

The most remarkable thing is that it happened SO fast...that's what happens when you become a vibrational match to what you really want. I had a phone interview last Monday, then an in-person interview on Thursday, and was offered the job today, Tuesday. 

The job and the company really does have everything that was on my "list." Some time ago, not long after I was laid off, I made a typed list (which I then carried around in my head) of the most important qualities I wanted the company and job to have. I wanted the position to involve a lot of writing about a topic that is interesting and important to me, I wanted the company I worked for to be making a product or service that I understand and find easy to promote, I wanted the commute to be a half hour or less, and I wanted my coworkers to be well adjusted, friendly people that I enjoy working with. 

Well, time will probably tell on the last item listed there, but all of the other checkmarks were met...and the commute time is actually shorter; about 20 minutes on the backroads and 15 on the highway if traffic behaves. Salary is good and includes a generous annual bonus...and the health insurance is 100% paid for by the company. 

Did I mention that I can also take home the products from the office fridge for cost?

I'm going to mention some law of attraction techniques that I feel helped me land the job, in addition to the list I made. First of all, when the new year began I really put it in me that I was going to get a job. "THIS is the year I am getting a job" is what I repeated to myself nearly every single day. And I believed it. 

Second, I stopped short changing myself and my accomplishments. I mentioned in another blog post how I don't pay attention to the competition, especially when I'm interviewing -- and that is true. However, in the past when I read a job description and was applying for it there was still this weird feeling in me of not quite being good enough...thinking, oh I'm really not that qualified on this point and that point, and I eventually figured out that I was really undermining myself. Last month I decided there was going to be none of that anymore, and decided to really focus on my achievements. So maybe I've never been promoted to a manager title or had anyone reporting to me at any of my previous jobs, but I knew I was qualified for the title -- and all of the chasing up I did of people (including my boss) at my last job to make sure projects were done on time is, to me, managing people. I also managed our presence at a trade show from start to finish, and I had accomplished a lot for the company I freelance for, including improving their SEO and seeing our followers get increasingly engaged with our page and more excited about our products. I'm also a great writer, I kept telling myself. I pretty much adopted this internal "winner" attitude and just had to believe in it and in myself. 

Thirdly, there's an affirmation/mantra that I've adopted that has been serving me well the past few months: "Things are always working out for me." Actually, I've tweaked it to, "EVERYthing is working out for me." I think that sounds more inclusive, don't you think? I'll write more about it in another post soon, but I've already had two instances where things DID work out delightfully for me. 

Back to my list. I know a lot of people don't believe in them; they tend to think people that make lists of qualities that they want in a job, partner, house, etc. is being picky and unrealistic. Well, I have to tell you...never once did I doubt that about my list. I knew that the universe could surprise and deliver and show me something that I never knew existed before. This company has been in operation for 11 years now...but I've never heard of them nor read anything about them in a business journal (and I read one online, as well as the local paper.) I found out the job on Craigslist -- a site that has a less than stellar reputation. But I knew the company was legit because they posted their name. It was the jobs that were very cryptic that I never applied to, no matter how much potential they had. 

Lastly, I was thinking about and feeling money lately...a lot. How would it feel to get off an individual health insurance plan and not have to pay that every month (I really can't wait to write that last $350 monthly check to Blue Cross Blue Shield.) How would it feel to have money going regularly into my savings account again? How would it feel to have the freedom to buy a new blouse, or go out with my Meetup group more often? How would it feel to be able to take a trip once in a while?

Well...it feels good. Really awesome, in fact. It finally happened, folks, after two years of being unemployed from permanent, full-time work. I'm seriously taking the lessons learned from this one along with everything else I've been posting about and apply it towards manifesting the man of my dreams. 

I think tomorrow, a trip to the mall with the Macy's gift certificate I received for Christmas from one of my sisters is in order. :)

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