Saturday, February 13, 2016

This Valentine's Day, Love the One You're With (Especially If It's Yourself)

It's God's honest truth when I say that I'm perfectly happy being single this Valentine's Day. While other couples are going to be absolutely freezing their kiesters going out to dinner as the coldest air of the season descends upon the U.S., I'm going to stay cozy and warm indoors watching Downton Abbey.

OK...maybe I'm not being completely honest. I'll admit that it can suck being single on this day. For a lot of people that do not have a romantic partner this time of year, Valentine's Day can make you feel left out and like there's something wrong with you.

Well, that's simply not true...and here's my advice for staying positive this Valentine's Day, if you're single or otherwise unattached: like the old Stephen Sills song goes, if you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one you're with. And the one you're with 24/7 is yourself.

Last night I received the latest email from Lana Shlafer; I mentioned her some time ago, as she does a lovely meditation that I like to listen to most nights before falling asleep. Her email message described an actual wedding ceremony that she participated in a few years before meeting her husband. Who did she marry? Herself.

I admit the whole thing sounded really weird, and it was done at a New Age center run by one of the contributing authors of The Secret. All of the participants even picked out a wedding band for themselves! However, the intention behind it was certainly good. She (and several other people) made a commitment to always love themselves and put themselves first. Lana says she had experienced several failed relationships prior to the self-marriage ceremony and she finally realized that no amount of flowers, gifts, and cards from men she was dating was ever going to convince her that she was worthy and lovable until she decided to realize it for herself.

So here's what you can do this Valentine's Day if you're single...first of all, stay off of Facebook, be your own Valentine, and treat yourself this weekend. Indulge in some chocolate, hang out with friends, watch a movie, give yourself a facial, etc. Maybe an actual ceremony is too much, but making a promise to yourself to put yourself first and honor yourself isn't.

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  1. We had an amazing event here this past weekend. We had a friend create some custom drink options that the bartenders served throughout the night and the designer easily collaborated with Chicago wedding venues to address her needs.


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