Thursday, February 11, 2016

What A Difference A Day Makes

Was there something in the air today? It was good news day in my family. One of my sisters, who works in retail, got a promotion that will equate to an extra $100 per week in her paycheck. One of my nieces also got an after class job in the hospital where she's taking special surgical training. 

And I had a job interview with the company I've been pretty excited about for the past couple of weeks. The CEO actually wanted to meet with me a day earlier, and as a result one of the questions caught me a bit off-guard because of the shorter preparation time. However, I think I redeemed myself after I thought about the question after the interview, and I expanded on it when I emailed my thank you message. I know I did my best and I have to continue to live in the present moment until they make their decision, which probably won't be until next week. The past couple of months, I have really been feeling -- not just thinking -- what the ideal job would be like and also stopped selling myself short and thinking that other candidates have better qualifications than I do. Tomorrow I have some freelance articles to work on, so that will put myself back to focusing on the present and feeling good no matter what happens. 

I was also given a 50 cent free bet on the horse racing site I mentioned a few weeks ago, and used it to bet on five dime bets. I got one of them right so I won back $5.80, and then I won another dollar on the next bet after that. Then I cashed out my $6.80 winnings (woo hoo!) and was pretty grateful that I attracted that amount of money. 

All day long today, I kept seeing repeating/recurring 444 and 777 on license plates on cars in front of me, and lots of 2s and 3s in the page view tally for my other blog. I plan on blogging about repeating numbers in another post, because I do believe they are considered signs...if nothing else, signs that you're relaxed and letting the universe do its job. 

I hope to keep this positive momentum going. I'm just happy and grateful that things are turning around for my family after a trying 2015. 

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