Monday, February 13, 2017

And the Breakthroughs Keep Coming: Six Reasons Why People Are Afraid to Get Into A Relationship

Just before writing this post I went on Google and typed in “afraid of being in a relationship.” One of the first results was an article on a site called Relationship Rules (“6 signs you are afraid of being in a relationship”.) There were a gazillion results with similar titles that came up, but I just decided to click on this one. And I have to say, given what I’ve been posting about on here the past few weeks, this one really hit home for me. 

Here are the six reasons they listed:

1. You haven’t made peace with your past. (You’re still haunted by certain past events.) 
2. You don’t think you can trust again. 
3. You think you’ll be trapped. 
4. You’re scared of breaking up. 
5. You’re afraid of sharing your time with someone.
6. The fear of your social life changing, forever. 

Wow. As I started to read through each page along with its explanations (and a “fix” for each issue which totally had to do with changing your mindset) the tears started to flow. I definitely checked off items 1, 2, 3, and 4 for me personally. 

The author that wrote this piece said they got a lot of emails from people that he/she could just tell were scared of being in a relationship for various reasons, so at least I’m not alone. 

I’m amazed by the strides I’m making in this area these past few weeks. So, I am giving myself a pat on the back for that and for choosing to explore this. 45 years old and I’m just figuring this all out now. Better late than never. 

Also, I have the law of attraction at my disposal, so I know that I can conquer my fears. I can’t expect to get completely past all of them overnight, but I can start right now with baby steps: writing down positive affirmations, both here and in my journal. Affirmations such as:

The past is over and done and has no influence on my present and future. 
The Universe always has my back so I feel nothing but courage and love.
I conquered a lack of confidence and self esteem with law of attraction, so I know I’m conquering my relationship fears.
I open myself up to trust and love from other people. 
I believe in myself…and I put my faith in the Universe. 

I also started a 30-day happiness/feel good experiment again (yes, despite a few tears I actually am happy and making a point to be so these days) so in my next video, I'll give an update on that and talk about why it's important to feel good. (I had started this experiment months ago but then fell off the wagon. This time I'm committed to doing it for a solid 30 days.)

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