Monday, October 24, 2016

How To See Proof of Abundance In the Universe

A new week, a new video up -- this time about how we can see more abundance in the Universe and apply that to dispel any negative beliefs we may have about lackful thinking in any area of our lives. If you've thought, like me, that there's a limited amount of resources and that it's every man or woman for themselves, then you want to watch this -- enjoy! Sorry for the glare from the sunlight rays. (And geez...these thumbnails that YouTube chooses for uploaded videos are kind of dreadful...I have to remember to snap a photo of myself smiling before each filming to use for the custom thumbnail!)

One small gaffe...I realized after making the video that it was actually a Dodge Charger used in the movie Bullitt, not a Challenger...but the car I speak of was definitely a Challenger. 

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