Monday, October 3, 2016

My Favorite Affirmation

Hi, everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Today is a high vibin' day for me for no particular reason other than it's a beautiful, sunny New England autumn day, I went for a long walk, and have been getting a ton of work done for my freelance jobs. I'm also feeling inspired after my video post, especially after the positive feedback I received, and have some ideas for more video clips once I get a tripod, hopefully this week! In the meantime I wanted to write a quick post about a positive affirmation that has become my favorite during the past year or so. And here it is:

Things are always working out for me. 

I believe I blogged about it sometime last year, but it bears a reminder. Because one thing I failed to mention in the video post I did last week is that I was repeating this affirmation to myself for just a couple of weeks before those two "almost manifestations" that I talked about quickly and quietly exited stage left. With my job, I had even written the statement down on a yellow post-it note and attached it to the inside of my office notebook as a reminder that everything was working out for my greater good and happiness. 

Now, one of my oldest sisters said at the time (when things ended with the married guy) but are things really working out for you? I told her yes, because the Universe knows I want a guy that's available and thus this had to get moved out of the way for someone better and more suitable to come along. You see, most people expect that when we say this affirmation that we're going to get or keep something, but I've found out twice now that it isn't always the case. However, I do believe the "loss" of both of these almost manifestations just means they went so that something bigger and better is going to replace the both of them. And I do believe by saying and writing down this affirmation that the Universe has started to put things in motion for me. 

I also didn't mention this in the video (but did in a blog post when it happened), but this most recent layoff was the fifth time it's happened to me. Four of the five jobs were in marketing. Do I think the Universe has been trying to send me a message after all of these years? I do. After five times, I finally got the message. It's time to venture into something different. And it's probably going to involve writing, and perhaps some form of journalism. 

When I say this affirmation, I feel that the Universe has my back, that things are moving in the right direction in my life, and that I don't have to worry about doing a darned thing unless I feel inspired to do so. 

By the way, I learned about the affirmation last year by watching Abraham-Hicks videos. It's a pretty common reassurance and theme that they remind attendees about. Let me know if you've had any interesting experiences as a result of the affirmation. 

Have a high vibin' day, and I'll "talk" to everyone again soon!

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