Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Update: I Manifested the Safe Return Of My Cat!

I have some happy news to share...a few months ago, I blogged about how one of my cats escaped the house and how, because she was still feral, we weren't so sure at first that she would ever successfully return. It took two months, but last night we managed to secure her back into the house, safe and sound. She's now in the warm sewing room that's attached to the porch. She's not out of the woods yet -- she's still pretty frightened and needs to get acclimated  to her surroundings again but she did let me pat her last night and yesterday and today she licked my fingers and was purring. 

I would like to do a video blog post soon on how I believe I used the law of attraction to attract her back to the house, and how inspired action is what enabled us to get her back in, not the Havahart trap that we had little success with. It almost seems like a miracle by this point -- just the night before we got her back, a coyote was in our back yard. 

I'm feeling very grateful to the Universe and absolutely relieved! That's her in the picture above (albeit not a recent photo, as she's still in hide mode...but I have no doubt she'll be back to snoozing in her favorite spots around the house in no time.)


  1. Wow! Glad you got your cat back, Pam!

    1. Thank you, Doug! We are so happy to have her back!

  2. What a happy ending! And a cute kitty! I'll be interested in knowing how you manifested her safe return!Losing a cat is traumatizing. How fortunate that you were able to find her again. It doesn't always work that way.


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