Monday, August 15, 2016

Why You Can't Force Things to Happen

So I'm about a week into the 30-day happiness experiment and honestly, it's going to take a little effort for me today to feel happy. I've been waiting on two people that may have freelance writing work for me to follow through...after both said they would. One was supposed to call me this afternoon but never actually scheduled a time to do so; the other is the new editor of the company I was writing fun, paid articles covering local businesses for last year. She said she would be happy to send assignments my way again and asked me how many I wanted. I responded to her right away last week, then followed up with an email before the weekend. There's been no response. 

I know that I can't let these outside circumstances and other people's lack of response affect my inner well being but dang, it's hard. Especially as both are an opportunity to write for money -- which is what I really want to do right now, and if I had both of them there's a chance I may not have to apply for unemployment. I'm frustrated. 

I also know the instinct for most people is to keep following up...after all, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, right? Yet I know from past experiences doing so that if something isn't meant to be, no amount of following up and pestering someone is going to make it happen. It's action for the sake of making something happen, not inspired action. There was one time where I pulled some strings to do some freelance writing work and shortly after meeting the person that needed the work, immediately regretted it.

The best thing I can do is stick with the vibration and intention of doing some sort of fulfilling, paid writing work and trust that the universe will deliver. In the meantime, I need to forget about these two contacts; I've reached out and followed up with them enough. There may be a reason why neither of them seem to be panning out. My instinct is telling me to sign up again for a website I used last year that lists all kinds of work-from-home jobs including many in writing and social media, so I think after I pay my credit card for this month I'll sign up for a three month subscription to use it.

Also, I know the universe is abundant...and that there are plenty of freelance jobs that fit what I'm offering up. So if neither of these pan out it doesn't matter. 

Besides, we all know as I've mentioned on here before how things happen when you're not expecting them. The best you can do is distract yourself and get happy. So, that's exactly what I intend to do now -- by hopping off the computer for a few hours and getting some knitting and reading done. 

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