Thursday, August 11, 2016

The 30 Day Happiness Experiment

I am soooo loving this new blog template that I found! I still have to figure out how to populate the top navigation menu and will probably end up tweaking some things here and there, but it's a huge improvement over the last one I had purchased (and it was cheaper, too.)

In my last post I mentioned that I had come across a happiness experiment. Last year I came across the following video online, in which a young man attending an Abraham Hicks convention conducted a 30 day experiment. He decided that he was simply going to choose to be happy -- no matter what was going on in his life. Some time during the 30 days, he also wrote a thank you letter thanking the universe for circumstances and people he had in his life, even though they hadn't actually manifested yet.

There's a few lessons to be learned from listening to this video. The first is that sometimes we do need to remind ourselves to stay happy. I started this on Sunday -- just two days after losing my job -- so I'm now a few days into it. I was flying high the first few days, and then had to remind myself yesterday and this morning to keep it going, to keep being grateful for what I do have and to do anything I can that keeps me happy and blissful while ignoring any outside circumstances. It's not always easy to stay happy. We do need the reminders that happiness is in ourselves, not outside of our ourselves. Without that inner peace we can't attract what we want into our lives. 

Second, I love the stories that he tells at the beginning about how trying to make things happen always fell apart for him. He'd psyche himself up to woo a woman, only to discover she wasn't the right match for him. Same goes with jobs. But once he wrote out his gratitude letter and got himself into the feeling place and let go of doing any of the heavy lifting, everything just fell right into his lap. 

By the way the guy speaking on the video left a follow-up comment on the YouTube link. He and his now-wife (the same girl he talks about) were both laid off and ended up with happier, more fulfilling jobs. 

The only thing I'm not going to do is limit feeling happy to 30 days. I think the more you can remind yourself and stay consistent on a fairly regular basis, the more you open yourself up to manifestations coming in. 

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