Thursday, December 31, 2015

The New Year's "Twin Peaks" Resolution Everyone Can Keep!

The best real-life advice I ever heard in a TV show came from, all of series, Twin Peaks. It was a weird, quirky show that I loved during the first season, but gave up on sometime during season two because it just got that much weirder and confusing. Time will tell whether the resurrection of David Lynch's surreal series will be a hit, but in the meantime I've never forgotten the following clip in which FBI agent Dale Cooper dispenses some invaluable advice to the town's sheriff, Harry Truman. Have a look, because this great...

Ah, that's self-love right there. Maybe it's also a little dorky (and Cooper could be very dorky on this show, but I loved the character, and Kyle MacLachlan back then.) In my opinion, this is a simple and perfect New Year's resolution that everyone can make and stick to...give yourself a present. Every day. ("Like Christmas" as Harry says.) And it doesn't have to be something you have to pay for (like a cup of coffee.) It can be taking time out for yourself to recharge. Maybe setting aside a half hour to listen to some favorite music, read a book, or watch entertaining videos. Maybe it's just taking a walk. 

Happy New Year! I hope 2016 is a happy, healthy, and prosperous one for you and attracts some wonderful things!

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