Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Great Story About What Simply Being Happy Can Do

"The Wait and the Reward" artwork by Anna Rose Bain
True story: a woman wanted in the worst way to become pregnant and become a mom. She attended several Abraham-Hicks conferences stating her wish over and over again. Over and over again, she was told to take her attention away from no baby being present to relaxing, being happy, and having fun. 

The years started to tick by, and with each passing year there was no baby. The despondent woman and her husband started to put in some hard work towards making it happen -- fertility treatments, etc. Still, she could not get pregnant. She actually started to become a bit well-known to other attendees by her repeated appearances and struggles to have a baby. 

After yet another year came and went, she decided to give up on the notion of getting pregnant for now. She decided that she was, finally, simply going to have fun. Among other activities that year she took her niece trick and treating that Halloween because it brought her joy, and if she didn't have a child of her own to experience it with, she was going to savor it with another child, just because it made her feel good. 

The next time she attended an Abraham-Hicks conference and made it onto the stage, you can guess what happened. She tearfully announced to the audience that she was a few months pregnant. (I get tears in my eyes just remembering hearing the video clip for the first time and unfortunately, was unable to locate it on YouTube to post it here. If I do find it eventually I'll update this post.) 

Now, it could be that when she finally wasn't stressing about her inability to get pregnant that her body become more fertile. But I think there was more to it than that. There's a few lessons in her story in regards to the law of attraction that makes it a great reminder of how to get what you want. 

1. First, she stopped trying to make it happen. We live in a very action-oriented society; if there's something you want you're supposed to wrestle that monster to the ground. If you want a job, you should be looking at every job site and registering with every headhunter in your vicinity and if you want a partner, you should have a profile up on every dating site and you should be attending every singles event (even if they and the potential partners that attend suck.) But thankfully, the universe knows many different ways of delivering your desire and that perfect job may not be even listed anywhere yet, and you could find out about it through someone you know. The right partner may be in your local supermarket or pumping gas the same time as you, not necessarily on your dating site. 

Action for action's sake often just leads to more frustration. (Inspired action is a different story and the one we want to take, which I'll cover in a future post.) Instead, this woman dropped the fertility treatments and stopped trying to make the pregnancy happen. She left it up to the universe to make it happen when the timing was right.

2. Second, she stopped worrying about how she was going to make it happen (i.e. those fertility treatments again.) Sort of in line with number one, I have found that releasing the notion of limiting the ways something can happen and leaving it up to the universe to bring it to you is such a relief. It isn't your job to make something happen and worry about how it's going to happen; it's your job to ask for it and let the universe do the heavy lifting for you.

3. Really important: she stopped focusing on the fact that she had no baby. She stopped marinating in what was missing and instead decided that she was going to have fun and feel good. Even without the baby. 

I find her story very inspirational and really hope I can locate the video clip online to include it here. Have fun, enjoy life, and let desires be delivered via the universe's magic. That's really all we need to do. 

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