Friday, December 18, 2015

It Does Come Easy: Why "Smaller" Things We Want Show Up Faster

Something that us LOA devotees start to realize about the law of attraction after a while is that "smaller" things that we desire tend to manifest really quickly -- sometimes within a matter of minutes or hours. I have at times felt like a magician declaring "abracadabra!" In particular it happens to me all of the time with songs. I'll play a snippet of my song in my head...usually one I haven't heard on the radio in a long time...and think to myself, "It would be nice if I heard that song." I won't even give it a second thought after that. Usually within the next day or two when I'm driving that very song will come on the radio when I'm not expecting it. At the very least, I'll see the song mentioned in a book or online. It's happened way too many times by now for me to think it's just a coincidence. 

I like to think of it as the secret behind "The Secret." And the big secret is that there really isn't a lot of work involved with practicing the law of attraction. Yes, I am still saying my abundance prayer every day, thinking and feeling positive affirmations, and listening to a wonderful meditation before going to bed every night. But once I started to notice a correlation between doing (or not doing) certain things I realized there's a big ol' easy button (remember the Staples commercial?) for us to push and that's all it takes. There's a few reasons why I think it happens and why I think that it's entirely possible to make "bigger", more life altering manifestations show up by applying the same techniques. 

And as a matter of fact, when I look back on the things I manifested that I consider not so small and trivial, such as my freelance social media/marketing job or that extra $1,000, the principles were the same. 

After reading what so many teachers have said of this phenomenon and from what I've experienced myself, here is what I think makes some desires manifest easily, no matter what their size or life altering impact.  

1. I Chill Out and Don't Dwell On The Desire Once I've Asked For It

I have found that things come to you when you're least expecting them. And by least expecting them, I don't mean when you're feeling negative and dwelling on them missing. It's when you're happy and sort of minding your own business and going about your day and just simply not thinking about it at is when it tends to surprise you. And who doesn't love a surprise?

Once I ask, I don't keep asking. What I will do on occasion is reaffirm that everything is always working out and that it's on its way. I keep up with the affirmations and meditation because they keep my vibration very "up" and positive and I know that's going to open the doors to my desire. This is where point number two comes in...

2. I've Learned to Be Happy First Before the Desire Shows Up

As mentioned on here already, happiness is an inside job. We may think that a job, partner, money, etc. will make us happy -- and most likely they will -- but because the law of attraction will only bring you more of which you are feeling and putting out there to the universe, then you need to learn to be happy first in order to attract other stuff that is going to make you happy. I didn't make my happiness dependent upon the social media job or $1,000 showing up; I just decided to be consistently happy with what I currently had going on day to day instead of thinking that they were missing. Which brings me to the third point...

3. I Have Unwavering Belief That It's Coming

I never know when something or someone is coming, or how. But I have learned to completely trust the universe to bring that desire to me the best way it knows how. This is also called by some teachers as having no resistance. When you're not second guessing or having self defeating beliefs about something you want to show up in your life you don't have any resistance to the universe bringing it to you and it tends to arrive really fast. It also means not taking action for action's sake because that's the only way you can see something coming to you. You can't ask for money and then start saying, "Well, how will that money come? Do I have to buy a lottery ticket?"

Trust the universe. If you get a strong hunch to buy a lottery ticket, you'll know! Your only work is to trust and let it come. 

4. There's No Real Difference Between Something "Small" Vs. Something "Big"

It only seems that way because "small" things aren't life altering. It's nice to manifest a great parking spot or a free cup of coffee. And if you don't manifest that it's not the end of the world. But something like a job, a home, or a partner sure seems like a mighty big deal...but again, if you can put your frame of mind into being happy before what you want showing up and not think of the desire as such a big deal, it'll usually have an easier time arriving. 

For even more on how to manifest "big" stuff as easily as the smaller stuff and our mindset behind this, Melody Fletcher at Deliberate Receiving (a favorite site and LOA teacher of mine) wrote a great post last month on this topic. Her advice--and mine--is to practice on the smaller things first and let your belief build up from there. 

Don't forget to push that easy button!

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