Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Definition of Abundance

Abundance is one of my favorite words in the English language. Even the very way it feels in your mouth when you say it mirrors its very quality; a feeling of fullness. 

But what exactly is abundance? It's a term that comes up all of the time in every LOA (law of attraction) book that I've read. To most people, it means money and wealth. They wouldn't be wrong; financial security can definitely give you a feeling of abundance. For me, personally, though, the word has a little more deeper meaning. 

I like to think of abundance as having an all encompassing, fulfilling life experience. It's having the financial security, certainly, and the ability and freedom to do what you want with your money. But it's also about living a life full of love, compassion, and purpose. It's having a job or career that fills you with passion that you enjoy doing. It's having wonderful people come into your life -- and having them stay there for a lifetime. It's being able to enjoy and appreciate -- each day for the gifts its brings, both big and miniscule. 

Right now I am working on attracting abundance into my own life. I want to meet new cool people and have a more active social life; I want to be invited to fun social functions and find more to post with my Meetup group. My freelance work fills me with purpose and passion and I want to have it parlay or morph into something more permanent, dependable, and higher paying. I want to attract a really great, available guy into my life and have a passionate connection and relationship. And of course, I love the idea of more money -- and unexpected money -- flowing into my life. An overflowing of blessings. 

Abundance is also knowing and trusting that the universe has more than enough for those who want it. It's the opposite of scarcity thinking, which is thinking that there's not enough jobs, money, partners, etc. to go around and that some people are going to have to do without. It's knowing that when something doesn't work out, there is something better in store down the road. I admit that this is a belief that I am working on myself to turn around. 

I realized recently that if one doesn't think the universe is abundant, all you have to do is look at nature. Right now the leaves and pine needles are coming down during our cool New England days, and the warmer weather birds have been flocking together and flying the coop for the southern states. The other day there must have been hundreds of blackbirds making a pass through our yard on their way to a warmer region. There are millions of living species on earth and billions of stars in the sky. The universe is expansive and abundant. 

Another way I'm seeing things from an abundant standpoint is by focusing on what I already have in my life, and not paying attention to what may seem like it's missing. 

And sometimes just saying that beautiful word helps. 

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