Thursday, October 29, 2015

How I Manifested $1,000

I did. It happened. And it was fun, easy, effortless, and came about in a way I never would have imagined it would or could!

To backtrack a bit, one thing that I have experienced good success in attracting since first learning about the law of attraction and positive thinking is money. I remember just a few weeks after watching a program about The Secret on The Oprah Winfrey Show (actually, it was the episode called "The Secret Behind the Secret") I had started to tell myself that I was a money magnet and that money finds its way to me easily and effortlessly. About three weeks after the episode aired I was walking through a Lord&Taylor store in a mall when I spotted a $20 bill in the middle of the floor aisle, near the shoe department. There were no other customers nearby so I quickly snatched it up and put it in my purse. 

This was the first sign to me that this stuff really works. The key was letting go of skepticism and believing. 

After that, money would pop up and surprise me from time to time. I'd find change on the floor of the stall in an empty ladies' restroom, or in a parking lot after getting out of my car. The ad revenue I was earning from Go Retro started to go up. I got a huge, unexpected pay raise and I also received $50 for being named Employee of the Month. 

Then I decided that I was going to ask for a specific amount of money. I don't remember how I decided upon $1,000, but it seemed to be the right level -- large enough that it would delight me to manifest it, but not too large that I didn't believe it had no chance of happening. I said that it was going to be unexpected and additional money. 

I wrote $1,000 on a yellow Post-it note and tacked it to the vision board on my wall. Once in a while, I would look at it and say out loud, "This is coming to me." I tried to envision what it would feel like to have $1,000 just become physical reality out of the blue...I could feel the crispy, slightly sticky bills in my fingers or the check made out to my name in my hand. I felt the abundance and excitement of having an extra $1,000...I could use it to buy something special, or I could rejoice in the feeling of it adding extra padding to my savings account. 

One very important thing that I also had to do -- and this totally is the key to using the law of attraction -- is I refused to fantasize about any of the ways this money was going to come to me. I didn't try to make it happen. I may have purchased a lottery ticket or two during this time, but I detached myself from the outcome of the ticket being a winner. I totally wanted the universe to surprise me and I was not going to take any action unless I felt a strong urging to do something in particular. 

I also approached the process not from a feeling of lack or neediness, but that this was just a fun experiment. I had to feel and believe that the money was in holding somewhere for me -- that it was already mine -- and I just had to trust the universe's way of bringing it to me. 

It was about a year later -- yes, a whole year --and during this time I was manifesting other wonderful things here and there but had forgotten about the $1,000 (which is when nice things tend to happen.) We got paid at work. With the direct deposit account I had set up, it was arranged that $1,000 of each check went into my savings account and the remainder went into my checking account. My company sent around an email saying there had been a software glitch and everyone received a double deposit, but that they had also immediately reversed it so the debit would show up in everyone's banking statement. 

I went to the bank that afternoon to withdraw some cash and told them about the mishap. At that time I was using a physical old school bank book that shows the deposits, withdrawals, and interest (I still prefer using these old bank books but alas, my bank has seen changed everything to online statements.) They told me the withdrawal of the extra $1,000 hadn't happened yet.

Of course, I told my company's finance department about it. They got back to me the next day and assured me that the extra $1,000 had been rescinded...I said it hadn't. They checked again and said it was, and the vibe of the email told me they weren't going to look into it any further. 

You can guess what happened. The extra $1,000 was never taken back. So I kept it. 

Should I feel guilty about it? I will admit I did for a short while but quickly got over it. This was a company that was making millions in revenue each year, plus I told them twice that the mistake hadn't been resolved on their end and they insisted it had. When I checked my bank statement during the next pay period, the extra $1,000 was still there. I have read that quite often, when you ask for something from the universe you better be sure it's what you want because it's not so easy to return it!

And apparently, this was how the universe decided to deliver an extra $1,000 to me. To this day, I still think it's an amazing story and reminds me that I do have the power to create my reality. 

Starting today, I'm back to reminding myself that I attract abundance, success, and those sweet greenbacks. I am a money magnet, and unexpected money finds its way to me easily and effortlessly. 


  1. I'm sad to see that you are not blogging anymore Pam.

  2. Hey Shana - I kinda am again, but since I haven't had any real LOA stories to share lately I didn't bother to update this site (and life got in the way. If you follow my YouTube channel I did finally post an update there. Also, I've launched a new blog called, aimed at women over 50.


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