Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why I Don't (Usually) Watch the Morning News

If you want to get depressed in a hurry or at least pessimistic, all you need to do is watch a local news station on a daily basis, and more than once a day. All of the law of attraction teachers that I'm aware of make it a habit not to watch the television news every day. There's a good reason for it. It's nothing but bad stuff -- murders, violence, car crashes, robberies, child and animal abuse, etc. Rinse and repeat, day in and day out. Sure, once in a while if we're lucky we hear about firefighters rescuing ducklings trying to cross a dangerous street to get to water, or a kid that survived cancer getting to meet Tom Brady. But those stories are far and few in between. After a while, it's very easy to believe that there's nothing but bad people and bad events happening in the world all thanks to the news. 

Don't get me wrong -- I still want to be informed, and I do watch the evening local news as well as the national/world news program. It's just that in the morning, I want to start the day off in a positive mood. I want to assume and believe that there are still good people in the world. I also like savoring my morning coffee and breakfast in peace. So unless I'm looking to get the weather forecast, I usually find it's a good idea not to switch on the TV most mornings. It's ironic that anchors will greet you with a cheery "Good morning!" before launching into the usual crappy stories. 

Instead, I prefer to get any headlines online in the morning. That's the beauty of reading the news, whether it's on your laptop or in the newspaper (I still get a Sunday paper.) You now have the option of selecting which stories you wish to read, and skipping any that you know will upset you. 

When you're watching a TV news station, however, you're being force-fed stories you don't want to hear about. One of my local news stations also has a bad habit of repeating stories they aired the previous day, another good reason for going online. 

Not absorbing the morning news every day definitely has helped me keep a more positive outlook more often and helps reinforce my belief that there are more good people in the world than bad ones. It's important to remember that the news just shows you a tiny slice of humanity, when there's a whole big world out there of people doing good that never get the credit. 

And this way, you also don't have to listen to any news about Kim Kardashian if you don't want to!

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