Monday, March 13, 2017

There's No Crying In Manifesting

I probably won't have a new video up this week so in the meantime, here's some food for thought via a quick written blog post: there's no crying in manifesting. Crying won't change your situation, but feeling better will. 

That's not to say that I don't approve of crying or believe that you should hold your emotions back. Sometimes there's actually nothing more cleansing then a good cry. In fact, I had one myself the other day during a very brief "down" period (the 30 day happiness experiment that I embarked upon was very challenging at times!) Some LOA experts believe that crying is a way of releasing resistance so in that case, you should release away! 

However, if you want to bring about change to a situation and manifest something then you just don't want to let that sadness linger for days on end. Because think about it: you need to act "as if" to help things appear in your life. And so...

If you had a burgeoning bank account, you wouldn't be crying and moping.

If you had the love of your life cuddling on the couch next to you, you wouldn't be crying and moping.

If you had that shiny sports car you've always wanted in your garage, you wouldn't be crying and moping. 

If you had the career of your dreams, you wouldn't be crying and moping.

Hell, no. You'd be happy! (Or ecstatic, or joyful, or excited, or whatever emotions come to mind when you get into the feeling mode of having your desire(s) already.)

This is why when I have those brief moments when I find myself in the "dark valley", I don't stay there too long anymore. I have the cry, I start to feel better, and I keep walking so to speak in the direction I want to be. 

To all of my readers in the northeast, stay safe during this week's blizzard. Also, dare I admit this? It may be a manifestation success story for me. I asked the Universe for another snowstorm so I could go cross country skiing again before the touring center's season ends on March 20. Yikes. I swear I only asked for just a few inches so that it would reopen; not a major blizzard with high winds and a foot and a half of snow -- be careful what you wish for!!!

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