Saturday, March 25, 2017

Proof That a Limiting Belief Can Be Debunked (Using Cats As An Example!)

I was on YouTube this morning when I saw the following comment left by a man on a channel I follow that is published by a woman in her 50s. The particular video he commented on was about being a single women over 50. (Keep in mind the woman that publishes this particular channel really rocks; she's very attractive, has a positive mindset, fit and posts a lot of videos on staying in shape after 50.)

"Janet, after trying dating online, I'm going to be a spoiler' of sorts and tell women over 50, we men are hard to find because WE DON'T WANT TO BE FOUND. That is not to say  we don't like women. We are a people that have learned to stay away from women and the 3rd wave of feminism. Now to counter 'missing' a woman. It's just a simple case of calling a pro like ordering a pizza. That pro doesn't come with demands of alimony, house payments, child support and a butt shaped like an '80's Buick.I sleep better at night now because , as it turns out, men age like wine and women age like milk and I no longer worry about being 'accepted' or rejected by the women of declining sexual market value. Women try to console themselves with little'Mr. Binky' or whatever and tell themselves they're not alone on Valentine's Day. Well, neither am I..... I paid good money ($400K) to live 300 miles away from my ex. A donation of 500-1000 per night is a bargain in comparison"

Damn. Does this dude have some serious bitter, negative, limiting beliefs, or what? I'm not going to judge him on employing prostitutes because frankly, he's in no good place to be dating anyway. But I couldn't resist leaving a reply and explaining that his negative beliefs are not serving him, and that not all women are gold diggers (nor does every woman past the page of 50 have a "butt shaped like an '80s Buick").

I get where he's coming from, though. He clearly went through a miserable marriage and divorce and got hosed in court. But it's really unfair to paint all women with the same brushstroke that he has...and even more importantly, it's simply not true.

After all, he was leaving it on the YouTube channel of a well adjusted, attractive, 50-something woman that isn't looking to take a man for all that he's worth! And he attracted the reply of a 45 year-old woman that has these qualities. ;)

And the sad thing is, because he has this kind of mindset, these types of women will continue to be attracted to him, just reinforcing what he believes.

It can be a very difficult thing to get over people that hurt us, and move past the temptation to paint everyone else in their gender as bad. I think quite often it's done because it's a coping mechanism and a way of explaining our victimhood.

However, I believe that any limiting belief we have can be debunked. We just have to remain open minded and ask the Universe for evidence.

Case in point...I remember decades ago there was a common belief in our society that men, in general, didn't like cats. Men liked dogs and women liked cats. It was a common refrain...from books...on TV shows and in movies. And I used to hear it from other women as well.

Then I learned about the law of attraction a decade ago. And at some point I tested the belief (which I will admit I probably believed a little myself, despite growing up with a father and brother that loved cats.) I simply told myself that there must be guys out there that love cats...if it was possible, then it had to be so. And I simply believed that the Universe would show me proof.

Proof did droves. After social media and the popularity of cat videos took off, I noticed lots of photos of attractive men with cats. I see YouTube videos all of the time by loving, male cat owners (I'm a big fan of Cole and Marmalade...and their cute "cat daddy", Chris!) My mother and I came across cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy and his show My Cat from Hell on Animal Planet a few years ago. I'm connected to guys on Facebook that proudly show off photos of their cats. Guys are regular adopters of cats as shown by a few rescue organizations that I follow on Facebook. Furthermore, male cat owners are proud to be cat men. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

The old widely-held belief that men don't like cats is history, and simply BS.

What limiting beliefs would you like to let go of? Think of the opposite, and tell the Universe it's giving you proof. 


  1. I saw this travel writer post from Parachute and thought of you. They list Boston. It may not be anything you're interested in, but thought I would pass it along. Here is their link:

    1. Thank you very much for the heads up, Dana! It sounds interesting and it was a simple registration process so I submitted my info and a writing sample.

    2. You're welcome! I hope it turns into a good writing gig for you!!

    3. Update...they accepted my application and emailed me my initial test assignment today, which will pay $25! I have to write about something travel-related in regards to Boston. I'll do some brainstorming but I'm sure I'll think of something unique and relevant...from looking at other pieces on their website it seems like they're fun, fast reads. Thanks again for making me aware of this opportunity! Will be good to add to my online portfolio if they accept a few submissions.

    4. Thanks for letting me know! I'm sure you have a lot of great things to choose from in Boston. I'm so excited for you! It sounds like fun.

    5. Another update if you're interested...they returned it and wanted two small changes. There was no due date stated for the updated draft. When I submitted it a week later, they declined it and said it was past its due date (they should have made it clear when they wanted changes made) and also said that they are indefinitely suspending paying their writers and taking on new ones because of some kind of change with the parent company (Mapquest.) But truth be told, I'm not disappointed...not in the least. You had to create a map (or several separate maps) in MapQuest and link/embed them to points of interest in the article. It was a pain, and created a lot of extra work. So this particular writing opportunity didn't quite match up to what I want, and that's OK. Thank you for thinking of me, though! And if you come across anything else, let me know. :)

    6. I'm so sorry it didn't work out. That's disappointing. Sounds like they don't know which end is up right now. If I do hear of anything else, I'll definitely pass it along. Have a good weekend!


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