Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's Good To Get a Little Specific

It's a funny thing about this law of attraction thing -- ever since I determined that I want to be applying to content marketing manager jobs, I've begun seeing them listed here and there. One posted job in particular piqued my interest and sounded nearly perfect. It's for a company right in my town that makes a new home security camera that connects to your smartphone so you can monitor your house from your phone. The company was actually backed by $1M in donations through a Kickstarter campaign. The job requires lots of writing and growing their newsletter list, and the pay range and benefits they are offering is pretty darn sweet. 

But, for some reason, I was dragging my feet on actually applying for the job. For starters I'm still in the midst of updating my online portfolio and tweaking some of the copy on the site, and I also have to print out more samples for my portfolio that I bring to interviews. But there was something that didn't feel quite right, and when I went on the company's Facebook page I saw why. 

There are a lot of angry comments on their Facebook page right now. Actually, they've been getting posted for months. Apparently the company rushed to take pre-orders without knowing exactly when the units being made would be available to ship. Some people have been waiting for several months for their security camera to arrive. Yet a tech news website that ordered the camera stated in their review that they received it within 8 days of placing the order, which is naturally infuriating customers even more. 

At least one of the cameras that did arrive to a patient customer wasn't working, and they requested a refund. Another customer said they didn't realize the camera can't record through glass, which defeats the purpose because they want the camera to record anyone coming to their front door. The cameras also aren't made for outdoor use. 

Now, it could be that these are just the normal glitches of a business still in startup mode -- and it's possible in a few months they could have some of their manufacturing and shipping bugs worked out. But after working for one company that would change logos, advertising product names, and features after it was already out there in the marketplace -- requiring me to rewrite and redesign marketing material because the proper research hadn't been done beforehand -- I'm not so sure I want to get involved with this particular company. In fact it feels like a red flag. 

I had a small list of ideal qualities I want in a new job and employer...but oddly enough, "a company that has its act together and has good customer satisfaction" wasn't on this list! Well, it's definitely going on it now. One of the things I love about my freelance job is seeing happy customers leaving comments on our social media pages and tweeting and posting pictures of our products on Twitter and Instagram. Yes, we still get the odd complaint from time to time. But it's maybe one negative review for every 100 positive ones. 

All of which is a long, roundabout way of me saying there's nothing wrong with being specific when you want to manifest something with the law of attraction. Sometimes seeing the contrast is the only way you can figure out what you want, as I said in one of my last posts. Yes, there is such a thing as being too picky and too specific, but in this case I'd consider this a deal breaker. I definitely would not want to be the social media person reading and responding to numerous complaints from unhappy customers who hadn't received their product yet after months of delays. I can't blame them for being upset because I would be, too. 

It's good to be a little particular and specific with what you want to attract; after all, it's your happiness depending upon it. 

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