Friday, May 26, 2017

How to UNmanifest Someone From Your Life

Hey guys, happy Memorial Day weekend! I have some bad news on the YouTube old USB connector/adapter had frayed wires so I had to toss it...and two brand new USB connectors are not being recognized by my laptop. Oddly enough, one can be read by my ancient desktop iMac...but when I try to copy and paste a video file to the desktop it freezes halfway through.

So, it appears the universe is telling me it's time to upgrade my laptop and mobile phone -- both are ancient by today's tech standards. I tried everything that I could including trying to email myself the file through my phone but the size is too big. It's back to writing blog posts until I figure out what I can upgrade to that's within my budget. I'll just keep telling myself that everything is working out for me.

Today's blog post (which I had recorded a video on) is about how to unmanifest someone from your life. I actually recently had success with unmaniftesting not one, but two people that were bugging me -- but I'm going to tell you a bit about only one of them, which was a woman in my Meetup group.

First of all, if you can remember the golden rule of the law of attraction...that what you focus on expands...then you're halfway there to solving your problem. Unfortunately for most of us when there's someone that's pestering the crap out of us, whether it's a coworker, family member, or another person we're forced to have contact with, our tendency is to ruminate on the pest and complain about him or her to our friends or anyone that will listen. That's the wrong thing to do.

So here's what I did that seemed to work...keep in mind if someone is truly stalking you, I wouldn't mess around; I'd go to the authorities. But this is simply a story about someone being a pain and overstepping boundaries.

I recently had to deal quite a few times with a woman in my Meetup group and every time she bugged me, I'd immediately complain to my good friend Patti about it. Patti belongs to my group as well and also cannot stand the woman in question, so naturally she'd add a lot of fuel to the fire.

What did this woman do that was so annoying? Well I won't list everything, but the first time I had a one-on-one conversation with her, which was at the second event of mine that she attended, I immediately sensed that something was off. She claimed to have left school at age 16 and worked in nearly every industry you could think of, and bragged (or at least, it seemed to come across as bragging) about all of these skills that she supposedly was quite experienced in. Most of them had to do with the computer which was ironic because when it came to setting up her own Meetup event on my group's website, she was quite clueless even when I emailed her screenshots with step-by-step directions.

Some people are just not on our vibration or wavelength, and this woman was one of them. The first time I met her, which was late last summer, she actually seemed pretty laid back and chilled. Then when she attended an event of mine in January it was like something had changed. She was simply exhausting to listen to and told me her entire work history at lunch after a museum visit, and it seemed she was bragging about a lot of stuff. I personally felt that she was insecure and looking to validate herself with others' approval. At a brunch event a month later she immediately launched into her work history again but this time with several other women listening while she rambled on for what seemed like at least ten minutes. She even told us that she was interviewing for jobs that paid $100K or more -- what? Who does that?

She texted me, left me voicemail messages, and strange comments on event pages. She even found me on Facebook and sent me a friend request, which I ignored. It seemed she was looking for someone to hold her hand and organize her events for her, which is not how I run my group. Every time it happened, I'd email Patti or we'd vent in person about how ridiculous this was getting.

Finally I said that we weren't going about this the right way. If we wanted to have minimal contact with this woman, then we needed to stop talking about her so much and focus on having meaningful conversations with other members that were easy going, secure, and pleasant to talk to.

And that's what happened. There was one event, a public dance, that she never showed up for, and we ended up having a great time with the other people at our table.

The next event she was RSVPd for was the Kentucky Derby party from a couple of weeks ago. Patti was dreading it and so was I, but I reminded myself to focus on everything else. I told the universe that we'd have a great time regardless, meet some nice people, and that maybe it could help this woman find another group that jived better with her. Honestly, I wished the best for her...everyone happy, everybody cool. No problems.

Well, she showed up very late to the party...maybe 45 minutes before the race was due to start. She had a gentleman with her and when she introduced him to us at the bat we were was her fiancé.

Keep in mind, she'd been single during the other events she attended just a few months ago, so this happened really FAST. On the way home I told Patti that I knew everything would work out; she'd be so consumed with planning a wedding and married life that I doubted she'd ever return for another event. Who knows; she may even end up moving away.

It wasn't easy to ignore the fact that she was attending the event, but I tried my best and perhaps that worked; that, and asking the universe to work everything out so that she'd be busy with other activities to occupy her time. I honestly do wish her well and hope everything works out for her...and now everyone is happy!

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