Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New Video Blog Post: How I Manifested the Safe Return Of My Cat

Wow, two videos in one week...but this one was kind of a biggie that I needed to get out of my system. A couple of things I forgot to mention while filming this video: first, I think it really helped that I made the conscious decision to be as happy as I could every day while my cat was outside. The Abraham Hicks teachings stress the importance of this...you have to be happy now, despite any circumstances or at least as happy as is possible for you.

Second, when something like this successfully manifests, it really is a huge boost to your faith in the LOA and the power of the Universe. I really feel now like anything is possible. You just have to believe. 

I am just learning video editing software and cut off the ending a few seconds too soon, but you didn't miss anything other than me inviting you to leave a comment or question if you so desire. Enjoy! 

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