Saturday, July 9, 2016

LOA Success Story: I Attracted the "Route 66" Corvette

This is just a really cool little experience that happened to me about a month ago, that I meant to write about earlier. It serves as a reminder, even to myself, that what's active in your vibration is what's going to show up in your life, or randomly during your day...when you're not even expecting it. 

Over on my other blog, Go Retro, I've been posting about my newfound love for the 1960s television series Route 66 (and if you've been reading PP regularly, then you already know about my crush on one of its stars, Martin Milner.) The show featured a gorgeous corvette convertible -- for the first few seasons they used a 1961 model, I believe, and then by the last season had switched to what was the new Stingray Corvette at the time. However, the '61 model is definitely my favorite and had a look all its own; it's a far cry from (in my opinion) the overdone modern Corvette, which looks like it's ready to blast off into space.

Anyways, I had been watching the show online for a couple of weeks and had blogged about it when an annual road race was taking place in my neighborhood one particular Sunday last month. The walk/run is held every year in honor of a girl that lived up the street from me that died in a bicycle accident several years ago. It was about 10 AM and I was sitting on my bed using my laptop and the window in my bedroom that overlooks our street was open. I heard music in the distance, and I knew that meant that any moment the runners would be arriving to run past our house.

Earlier that morning a few landscaper trucks had gone down our street and they were kind of loud. So when I heard another vehicle approaching that had a pronounced engine, I got a little annoyed; why was there yet another landscaper out doing business on a Sunday -- and shouldn't our road be blocked off? I looked out my window; something that I wouldn't have bothered doing on any other day.

Coming down our street was a convertible; a Corvette. And not just any Corvette. It was the Route 66 Corvette! The driver was leading the start of the race and the runners.

It was an early '60s Corvette. The only difference between this one and the one featured on the TV show is it was red with white sections on the doors; whereas the TV series used paler painted models such as light blue, grey, and fawn beige because the lighter shades showed up better being in black and white. But who cares? These particular models are so rare nowadays that you mostly only see them at car shows. Yet my vibration managed to attract one just by sitting in my bedroom. 

I also think I saw a red one because the official board game for the show (a photo of which had been posted to a Facebook group for the show that I belong to) featured a red Corvette on the box: 

Still, as the old saying goes, you could've knocked me over with a feather. This is proof that things we have zero resistance to -- no negative/limiting beliefs -- are what tend to show up easily and effortlessly. Like pennies...maybe butterflies...feathers...and a song on the radio we were saying the day before we wanted to hear. 

For further measure, I then remembered a photo I had saved on my own Facebook page...that was taken five years at a car show I went to (too bad my eyes were closed during the snapshot, but here it is!)

Kismet? Serendipity? Perhaps...but more likely thoughts (and really, vibrations) becoming things.

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