Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Single On Valentine's Day? How To Feel Positive!

Happy Valentine's Day, positive peeps!

I'm a little late in the day posting this, but yesterday I updated my YouTube channel with just my thoughts on the holiday and how one can stay positive when you're single and feeling a little down. In fact, I heard from my BFF yesterday who got a little triggered by some Valentine's Day imagery and said she was feeling inadequate. So, this is for everyone that may be feeling left out or not good enough on what I personally think is a hyped up, commercialized holiday. Pile on the self love and see the good in being single today. Just some thoughts that hopefully will give a chuckle and help see things from a different perspective...

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Three Freelance Jobs Gone In Less Than Three Months...WTF, Universe?

Yesterday I received some disappointing news. The freelance staff writer I've held for the past few years, where I write articles about small businesses across the country, is going away. The company that publishes the websites where these are posted made some organizational changes, and they have decided to move the writing duties to in-house employees. That means a total of six of us are losing this source of income.

I wouldn't care so much if I hadn't lost two other freelance gigs just recently. One I talked about in this YouTube video (and I was actually grateful to see that one conclude for a variety of reasons); another is technically on hiatus (but doesn't sound like it will return any time soon, from the tone of the email all writers received just before Christmas.)

This one stings because it consistently paid me the most amount of money and I knew I could rely on it each month to cover my health and dental issuance premiums and then some. I was also planning on keeping it after finding full-time work again because it would have provided a nice amount of extra cash.

All three jobs were ones I easily manifested by stating to the universe what I wanted and letting it go. Now, in one fell swoop, all three have been removed...WTF, universe???

Well, here is what I think is going on (and no, it's not because I'm being "punished" for something the universe is displeased with.)

I think I had become a little too comfortable, too complacent with these jobs. They were fun to do but ultimately provided no room for growth. Two of them also didn't pay as much as they should have, and that includes the most recent one I'll no longer be doing. I started that job being paid $15 per 500-word article and received a raise last year for $20 per piece. But that's still woefully lower than what magazines or even established websites would pay for similar content and length. As writers (and I would read the finished assignments from the other writers in my team) I feel we were all deserving of better pay.

And truth be told, I was starting to get a little bored from writing about yet another yoga studio or catering company month after month. I estimate that I've written about close to 50 of each of these two types of businesses since landing the gig in May 2015.

I think the universe is forcing me to stretch myself (and to finally get a few versions of my resume rewritten) so I can begin applying for full-time jobs and also seek something new on the side that might prove a little more challenging with higher pay. I've also started to pitch ideas to websites I'd love to write an article for, and I need to get more dedicated about doing that.

Everything that seems like a challenge is possibly happening to force us to grow, and allow for something better to come in that matches our worthiness.

Oddly enough, I wasn't sad or worried about the development today. I think it just means they're something better that I'm worthy of on the horizon. I reminded myself that I manifested these jobs easily, so I have the power to attract a new one. I also still have income coming in and I'm still in good shape with my savings; it's important to focus on what is going right. I also counted what I have manifested so far in lost change since starting the penny manifestation experiment. I've accumulated $1.12 in pennies, dimes, and nickels, all found in stores, in parking lots, and even in nooks and crannies of my own home since October. It's a reminder that I do attract money.

I'll also have more time to work on this blog, which is never a bad thing.

Gotta just roll with the changes life throws your way.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Truth About Soulmates (And Why It's Good News)

Hello, positive peeps!

My latest YouTube video talks about the notion of soulmates and some of the limiting beliefs I used to have about them. You see, like a lot of people, I grew up with the notion that there was only one perfect person for each human on the planet and some were lucky enough to find their soulmate while others...oh, well...just weren't meant to unite with them for whatever reason.

I wanted to make this video because I know there's a lot of people out there that are trying to manifest a specific person back. Many believe this person is the only one that can be their soulmate. But the truth is, we don't get just one shot, one person during our lifetime that can be defined as a soulmate. There are many potential matches for us.

It was a relief when I learned the truth about soulmates, thanks to a book by Arielle Ford called The Soulmate Secret (I'm pretty sure I mentioned it on here before.)

Hopefully, for those of you with particular beliefs about soulmates this will make some sense...

Thursday, January 11, 2018

How To Make Every Manifestation As Easy As a Penny

Happy belated New Year!

Man, it's been a while since I've updated this blog. The YouTube channel has pretty much taken over from it, but I'm making it a goal to update the site with more written content. Today I thought I'd write a bit more about my penny manifesting experiment and how we can make any manifestation come as quickly and easily as a penny.

One of the reasons I decided to experiment with manifesting pennies is because I needed to regain my confidence in the universe again after a period of stagnation. (Well, and friendly competition may have had a little something to do with it as well, as a friend kept finding pennies...sometimes when we were out and about.)

Manifesting something that feels trivial is a great way to dip your toes into the law of attraction, or get your bearings again when you need a confidence booster. Since I started the intention in October, I've manifested nearly a dollar's worth of pennies and dimes (I still haven't manifested a quarter yet, but I'm working on it.)

And it happened so easily. I simply stated in my head to the universe during a walk one October day that I was going to attract a penny. I felt very briefly what it would feel like to find a penny and pick it up. Then I let it go and pretty much forgot about it. Towards the end of my walk I happened to be looking down at the road and saw a brand new, shiny penny just waiting to be picked up. Keep in mind I took my walk around my residential neighborhood -- not exactly an area where you'd just find lost money on a regular basis. It's not like I was walking through a store or a parking lot. But that didn't matter, and I didn't care where the penny was going to appear; I just knew the universe had my back.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, "Well that's all well and good, Pam, but how do I manifest the 'big' things...things that are way more important than pennies?"

And the answer is...the same exact way.

You set an intention, you feel the feelings of what it would be like to have that manifestation, and then you let it go and forget about it. When you're not even expecting it, that's when the manifestation appears.

The problem is, when it comes to attracting "big" things, and potentially life-changing things (like a relationship, job, or a very significant amount of money) we delay the process because we have all of these hang-ups...i.e. negative beliefs about them. Or we have this doubt that anything could possibly be orchestrated for us and that it's just an impossible dream. We ruminate on all of this and every time we do, it's like hitting the brakes in a car on the way to our destination.

Esther Hicks, when she's channeling Abraham Hicks, has said many times that it's just as easy to manifest a castle as it is to manifest a button. The steps are exactly the same. We just need to clear up all of our limiting beliefs and resistance and be able to let the desire go and know and trust the universe to deliver it perfectly. We need to believe that this manifestation is possible for us, as easy and possible as a penny.

We need to treat every manifestation as trivial as a penny. Feel what it would feel to have it, and then let go, let go, and let go. Focus on the present moment and go about enjoying life.

Believe me, it's something that I still find myself working on from time to time, but I'm getting closer. By the way, I keep the found pennies and other change in a compartment in the jewelry divider on my bureau. I look at it whenever I need the reminder of my power as a co-creator and that the universe always delivers.

Happy manifesting!

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