Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Self Love and the YouTube Channel Changing My Limiting Beliefs

Hey guys, it's been nearly a month since I've updated my YouTube channel with a new video, and today's video is a precursor of a longer one coming soon. As many of you know, I've been trying to determine for two years now why unavailable men have been a manifestation given pretty much my whole life. I know I've made some posts and videos before explaining the reasons why I think it happened, until I started watching a wonderful channel last week by a woman named Agnes Vivarelli. Long story short, I can't stop watching.

Most of Agnes' channel is about how to manifest an ex (or as she likes to call them, a special person or your person) back into your life. I know what you're thinking; is Pam looking to manifest "Mr. S" (my nickname for the married guy) back into her life? Well, yes and no. I'll explain more in the longer follow-up video. You see, I was still feeling some lingering resentment about the whole situation...yes, even two years after the whole thing happened. Since I had sent emails that went unanswered, I felt that I didn't get the proper closure after my wounds had been reopened.

And every time something like this has happened, it reinforces negative beliefs I've carried since junior high in regards to guys...I'm not good enough to be someone's girlfriend, not worthy, not special enough...and if I had been, then I would have been married by the time I was in my 20s or 30s (I'm pretty sure I talked about this belief in my last video.)

Of course, it isn't true. It's just a dumb belief that got formed while young. But I'm working on releasing it, as well as some other limiting beliefs in this area, thanks to Agnes' channel. I also finally after all of this time forgave Mr. S for good. You can't attract anything until you stop feeling resentment and anger towards anyone you felt did you wrong...and until your self love for yourself is solid.

Agnes has a lot of fascinating videos about being secure and giving yourself love whether someone else it giving it to you or not. Her meditations are also very freeing; after listening to one of her self love meditations last week before falling asleep, I finally started to have dreams again after a month of not having or remembering any.

Anyways, here's a quick video about what I've learned so far...more to come soon!

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