Saturday, December 31, 2016

Three Magic Words: It Is Done

Happy New Year's Eve, positive peeps! I was hoping to do another video blog post before 2017 officially began, but got sidetracked this week by a truly nasty cold or flu virus...actually, my mother and I came down with it at the same time and have been coughing up a storm the past couple of days, but thankfully it now appears that it's on its way out. So, a written post for now will have to do. 

Initially I was going to post about my year in review of sorts and the intentions I have for the new one, but instead I'm going to talk about a manifestation success story I had this week (and besides, my main general intention for 2017 is that I'v decided it's simply going to be awesome and so much better in many ways than 2016.)

A few weeks ago I was watching a YouTube video of a guy I've been following who talks about the law of attraction and how it relates to his daily life. He talked about a phrase he recently starting implementing when manifesting: it is done. Three simple words, but very powerful when you declare them and put your complete faith in them. How is that they're powerful? Well, I've been seeing a lot lately about the importance of putting your manifestation into your past and pretending that it's already happened, a done deal, instead of thinking it's a future event. Remember, a lot of why we attract things is because we're acting as if they're already here. It helps us carry around that feeling that we have it already...and feelings help things manifest!

I also like to think of saying "it is done" as commanding the Universe with, "You've got my back; you're helping me with this." There's actually a book by Richard Dotts called "It Is Done!: The Final Step To Instant Manifestation." I haven't read it yet, but Dotts explores why we say "amen" at the end of a prayer and how "it is done" is its equivalent using more every day language. 

So earlier this week, I had the opportunity to put the words into practice. Our kitchen sink backed up...the day after Christmas; the same day we both started coming down with the bug. We went to our local Ace hardware store, and the guy recommended this really strong (and frankly, kind of scary) clog busting acid product we've used before. I followed the directions, pouring the correct amount down the drain and flushed it after the allotted time with cold water...but the sink immediately began backing up again. We waited for it to slowly drain, and then my mother decided to give it a second treatment. Again, the water immediately backed up. 

She was getting upset, as she just got hit with the quarterly property tax bill from the town and also had to get her car repaired a few days before Christmas. Even though I offered to pay for the plumbing bill, the last thing she wanted to do was call a plumber. She then referred to our home as a s***house, when I gently reminded her that by saying that, the Universe was listening and giving us just that! Don't forget, I told her -- Patti (my friend that came for Christmas) said our house was beautiful.

Anyways, the dishes that night mostly once again went into the dishwasher and the sink was still backing up. That was when I remembered the three words "it is done" and said, "The pipes are unclogged and clear. It is done!" and then forgot about it. 

The next morning, while I was alone in the kitchen, I remembered the sink and decided to tentatively turn the water on. No clog; the water was going down and running for quite a while before I shut it off! I kept checking to make sure it wasn't coming up to the surface of the sink but nope, it kept draining and I could hear it whoosh down the pipe. I told my mother. She tested it by doing the dishes in the sink and dumping the water. No problems. 

Now granted, we used a really heavy strength drain cleaner and applied it -- twice. However, I know from using it in the bathroom that it doesn't always do the job -- and on the night, it appeared that it wasn't working. I asked for extra help so we could save our money, and declared the unclogged pipe a done deal. 

The way I look at it, you've got nothing to use by saying these three simple words. Happy manifesting and Happy New Year!

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